Cougar of the Day: Carla Bruni, 39

Carla Bruni

Italian songwriter, singer, and former supermodel, Carla Bruni, was out on a beach on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, the birthplace of Napoleon himself, this weekend looking smokin' hot for an old chick in a bikini! Ahh yes, at 39-years-old, the former model has a body that most soccer mom's would kill for! Then again, it might not just be her body that would make most middle-aged women jealous of what Carla's got... after all, she's on a Mediterranean beach in the middle of January! There is always that.

And now, after a long line of famous lovers including Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Kevin Costner, and Donald Trump over the years, Carla is now dating the President of France, Nicolas Sarcozy. I guess that's what old guys with power do... they date really hot old chicks. See what power can get for you, kids. If you're the president of country, you can probably get any chick you want. Then again, I could be totally wrong and Nicolas may have won Carla's love by wearing nothing but a little French beret and doing a little monkey dance for her... but hey, either way, the guy's doing well for himself!

With all of that said, it has now become clear that there's only one thing left to do to honor Carla's life for what it's truly worth... and that's to present her with the Cougar of the Day award. Or, as they say in France, "Carla, vous Ítes le puma du jour." Damn, I sometimes scare myself with my display of culture and intelligence. And yes, this, my friends, is one of those times! Baabbbyyyy! Okay, enough of me... enjoy Le Carla!

1.21.08 at 05:21:37 PM