Clooney Was Traumatized By Britney's Police Standoff!

George Clooney

Britney Spears wasn't the only one who was immediately effected her crazy police standoff back on January 3rd... George Clooney, who's house lies just 300 yards from Britney's, had a bad experience from all the craziness as well. Specifically, George described his experience during that crazy night to Us Magazine:

"I'd gone upstairs, and I came out and I'm in a robe. All of the sudden I see all this s--t going on.

"I have a guest house where my assistant sometimes is, and I think, someone has broken out of prison and like escaped, because it's a chase scene. It's something out of Die Hard."

"I get my baseball bat, which is what you always get in every film I actually think Clive Owen said, 'Get a baseball bat' and I called up my assistant, who I thought was in the guest house, and I said, 'Are you OK?'

"And she's like, 'Yes.'

"And I said, 'Look, if there's someone in the place, say the word stonehenge.'

"And she's like, 'What the f--k are you talking about? I'm in my apartment.'

"I go, 'You're not in the guesthouse?'


"So I'm, like, 'Well, then, what the f--k is going on?' And I go out and I'm running around with a baseball bat in my robe.

"And it turns out it's Britney Spears' house is like, 300 yards from mine. So now I have to move.""

All right... a few things here. First, I'm okay with George getting annoyed by Britney's craziness. I mean, when there's something that looks like a hostage situation going on just outside of your house, it's always a cause for alarm. But, honestly, George, I think you're overreacting a bit. A few police vehicles and ambulances show up to Britney's house and you think it's a scene out of Die Hard and in about 2 minutes the whole world is going to implode. Umm, yea... relax George, it's a little standoff... big deal. Don't be such a diva... you're a real drama queen, really.

And what's up with grabbing a baseball bat and the whole codeword "Stonehenge" thing? Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? If it really were a scene out of Die Hard, I wouldn't want to see you standing there in your robe holding a baseball bat... I'd want to see Bruce Willis with blood smeared all over his face holding several high-powered semi-automatic weapons. Face it George, you're just not tough. No wonder why you were the worst Batman. Yea, I said it. Truth hurts, George. The truth hurts!!!

1.25.08 at 01:01:21 PM