Jimmy Kimmel Is F---in' Ben Affleck!

Many of you may or may not remember that Jimmy Kimmel's girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, told him on his 5th anniversary show that she was [bleep]ing Matt Damon! Now, Jimmy has finally found his revenge... with Ben Affleck! That's right, Jimmy Kimmel is [bleep]ing Ben Affleck! So, it looks like Jimmy and Sarah will probably be done after this... unless Matt, Sarah, Ben, and Jimmy are into some sort of weird celebrity swingers type relationship.... which probably wouldn't be the weirdest thing to ever hit Hollywood! So, I guess only time will tell how this love triangle will pan out... or should I say "love square", because 4 people are involved. Either way, just take a moment, throw on your best pair of tight denim cut-offs and enjoy this little Jimmy Kimmel retaliation video! Revenge is a b--tch!!!

2.25.08 at 09:55:57 AM