Olive Garden Girls To Pose in Playboy!

Kendra Wilkinson

Playboy is now searching for the hottest waitresses at The Olive Garden for an upcoming pictorial called "Girls of Olive Garden"! The naked Olive Garden girls will be hand-picked How ridiculous (and awesome all at once) is that!? The New York Post's Page Six says:

SOME of the friendly waitresses at your local Olive Garden will soon be getting stark naked. Playboy has launched a nationwide search for female servers from the chain's 600 eateries for an upcoming pictorial, "Girls of Olive Garden." Kendra Wilkinson, Hugh Hefner's girlfriend and star of E!'s "The Girls Next Door," will hand-pick the winners."

Naked chicks from The Olive Garden!? See, now that's when you know you're getting a good chicken parmagiana... when it's served by a chick who's gotten naked on the pages of Playboy! That's what's up! That's basically a dream come true. But, I wouldn't really know what to expect from a high-class establishment like The Olive Garden... I usually just go to local bars to get a good meal. It's funny though, most of the time the servers at those local places I go to are usually already naked right there serving up some food.

Yep, that's right, nothing like a turkey club sangwich and a dirty naked tramp... don't underestimate a good lunch and a matinee strip show. Plus, I'm not the only one who enjoys it... there are usually a few toothless homeless guys there pan-handling a little bit too! You'd be surprised the friends you can make at a place like that! Babbbyyy! And now, that same enjoyable moment can be captured at The Olive Garden! We're going high class now, baby! Well, maybe you'll have to buy a Playboy mag to see your server naked, but it's the same idea... and there ain't nothin' wrong with that!

Playboy's Kendra Wilkinson out signing autographs earlier this month with fellow Hugh Hefner lover Holly Madison:

4.21.08 at 10:56:27 AM