Is Maria Menounos Dating John Legend!?

John Legend and Maria Menounos

Gorgeous Greek goddess Maria Menounos was allegedly "getting cozy" with singer John Legend while they were on what appeared to be a date! The New York Post's Page Six says:

JOHN Legend is taking a break from modelizing to warm up with sultry "ET" host Maria Menounos. The former Miss Teen USA was spotted with Legend at the Carlyle Monday night, "enjoying a romantic dinner." A spy said "they looked very cozy and it definitely seemed to be a date.""

NOOOO!!! MARIA! How could you do this to me!? You said that we were going to get married. We were going to go to the small village in the mountains of southern Greece and a have a huge wedding with all of our family members along with the local donkeys, various specialty cheeses, and little old women with fat ankles that shuffle around in slippers all day and cook up traditional meals!

But no! Now I find out that you're "getting cozy" with John Legend! Damn him and his good looks and his smooth, rhythmic voice! Well, I guess the best thing I can do in this situation is stare at you running around in white pants and a sports bra! i guess that's a little bit of consolation... but still, seeing this only reopens the wound in my heart... Maria, take me back, my chest is bleeding for you!

Maria looking smokin' hot while she was out joggin in a sports bra a few weeks ago:

4.23.08 at 09:10:21 AM