Usher Refuses to "Pimp" His Baby!


Usher refuses to sell pictures of his baby to magazines for profit. He claims that he would never "pimp" his child like that! Ha! I know, I'm thinking the same thing... WHAT AN IDIOT! The New York Times' Page Six reports:

FINALLY, there's one celebrity who refuses to cash in on parenthood by selling baby pictures to a magazine. "In no way would I ever pimp out my child for money," Usher told Page Six.

The pop singer - upset by rumors he was trying to sell photos of his infant son, Usher Raymond V, and eager to defend his wife, Tameka, and his upcoming album, "Here I Stand" - wants to set the record straight.

"I am livid that people talk about my child," Usher told us. In fact, he has posed - for free - with his son for an "incredible" Father's Day cover for Essence magazine.

"What makes you a man more than being a father to your child? I recognize I gave anonymity away when I became an artist, but to have people try to paint a horrible picture of what's so beautiful - it's obvious someone is trying to stop something so beautiful.""

Whaaat! Angelina is already making deals with magazines for up to 10 million dollars for a photoshoot of her and her unborn baby once it enters the world and Usher is all about doing it for free!? What is he, stupid!? Talking about "pimping his child"!? That's ridiculous... if I were him, I'd cash in so hard on this little kid. I'd probably call up Don King to promote the little guy so we could get the most cash for a few pics! I mean, think about it, this kid's going to want Big Wheels and a drum set and cool stuff like that... all the things my parents could never afford for me when I was a kid... what's a little child-pimping if it gets you the goods!

And, honestly, I swear, I'm still seriously considering finding a way to sneak into Angelina's womb before she gives birth... because I figure, even if they realize that I'm a fraud and I'm just not an unexpected over-grown twin that actually grew in her belly... they might let me in the 10 million dollar photoshoot just because they're a little unsure of what happened... or, hell, if I'm really lucky... I could just tell them my idea (along with explaining how poor I am) and they might just throw me a few grand out of pity! Now that's what I'm talking about right there... THAT'S how it's done, Usher... I don't know what kind of bull you're trying to pull, but you better get on the horn and pull in some cash for your family... now that's being a REAL DAD! None of this negativity about "pimping"... I want this to be the last I hear of it!

5.02.08 at 11:57:47 AM