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Gisele Bundchen is a Ninja

As soon as Gisele Bundchen wrapped her weird long arms around her head like that, I nearly lost her. Where is she? Is she behind that tree? Is she in the tree? I just don\'t know. Where\'s Gisele? ... [Full Story]

Maybe Tom and Gisele Aren\'t Engaged, What Do I Know?

After I reported, based on other reports, that Tom Brady proposed to Gisele Bundchen on a private plane last week, relatives all came out to tell the world it wasn\'t true. So unless Tom\'s dad just gets off on telling random lies, they\'re probably not engaged. People: Brady\'s father, Tom Brady Sr., told The Boston Globe on Friday that reports of his son\'s engagement were \"rumor, rumor ... [Full Story]

Say Hello to Mr. and Mrs. Gisele Bundchen!

Since Gisele Bundchen\'s actually working while Tom Brady sits at home, it\'s only right that they take her last name. I\'ll call and let them know. Anyway, according to TMZ, they\'re engaged now: Tom Brady proposed to Gisele on a private jet on XMAS eve -- and she said yes. Our sources say Brady, who is famous for his QB skills and running errands for Gisele, proposed on a private jet ... [Full Story]

Gisele Bundchen\'s Legs Go For Days

Gisele Bundchen has the kind of legs that wrap around you 3 times during sex and manage to kick you in the face as well. Sadly I wouldn\'t know because I\'m poor and a loser, but Tom Brady would. I feel like if I stood beside Gisele, I would come up to her kneecaps and I\'m 5\'10\". Her legs are at least 6\'3\". Her only problem is that being so skinny means she has the ass of a 12 year old ... [Full Story]

Gisele Bundchen in American Photo Magazine

Winning four Super Bowls and then having a season-ending injury, allowing you to sit at home collecting cash and watching Sinbad re-runs while Gisele Bundchen gobbles your penis isn\'t a bad life. That\'s Tom Brady. And this is his girlfriend, Gisele, looking better than just about anyone ever. I can\'t complain too much though. I get to sit in the basement and pretend Sophia Bush is my wife ... [Full Story]

Gisele Bundchen Walks Down the Street

I don\'t think anybody casually walks down the street as sexy as Gisele Bundchen, so this must be a photoshoot. I mean, where would she even keep her keys? No way would they squeeze into the pocket of those skintight pants. Also, surely Tom Brady would be gimping around behind her somewhere, sucking on a popcicle and reciting the alphabet. He got knocked retarded in the first game of the NFL ... [Full Story]

Gisele Bundchen\'s Booty Is Gorgeous in V Magazine!

As if winning a bunch of Super Bowls wasn\'t awesome enough, Tom Brady had to go and get the hottest girl too - Gisele Bundchen. I am slightly jealous that he gets to pound that ass from behind every night, but then again, I\'d be the first one to whack off to the video of it. So whatever. ... [Full Story]

Tom Brady to Build a 90 Bazillion Dollar House

Gisele Bundchen has it made being the girlfriend of Tom Brady who is not only attractive, but ridiculously rich. Of course that describes Gisele, too, so whatever. TMZ states: Sources close to the supermodel and her \"Errand Boy\" tell us Tom just closed a deal to buy a plot of dirt in Brentwood -- on Arnold Schwarzenegger\'s street -- for more than $11 million. TMZ is in possession of ... [Full Story]

Gisele Bundchen Topless and Bottomless Pictures!

Gisele Bundchen is looking very sexy in these topless and bottomless pictures! GQ Magazine has done it right this time with some of the hottest and sexiest photos of Gisele you can find! I love everything about Gisele and it's always a treat when someone as hot as her basically takes it all off! These Gisele topless and bottomless pictures are just so unbelievably hot that they inspired me to ... [Full Story]

Did Gisele Bundchen Leave Tom Brady for Sly Stallone!?

Is Gisele Bundchen cheating on Tom Brady with Sylvester Stallone!? Some people say that they have reason to believe just that! Page Six says: SPIES on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills were a little confused one recent morning when they saw Gisele Bundchen sitting in a car with Sylvester Stallone. "Tom Brady was nowhere around and there were no paparazzi. It was an odd couple," said a source." ... [Full Story]

Gisele Bundchen Is Perfect in This Photoshoot!

You have to see these Gisele nude pictures! You can see her nice little boobs and her perfect little behind! The only thing better than this would be fully nude Shannon Elizabeth pictures! Yea, I don't know, I know Gisele's beautiful, but there's just something about Shannon that I have always loved since the moment I saw her. She's my favorite. But, I have to admit, Gisele looks absolutely ... [Full Story]

Guess That Nice Little Supermodel Booty!

Can you guess that celebrity booty? It's nice, tight, denim-clad, and slightly thonged... a beautiful combination! Not to mention, this particular baby carrot is one of the world's most beautiful supermodels! Can you guess which one based solely on the booty evidence alone? If not, here are a few hints. She's tall, blonde, thin, and aside from being a supermodel herself, her boyfriend is has had ... [Full Story]