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Vanessa Hudgens is Ashamed of Her Stache

It\'s perfectly natural to be ashamed of your mustache. ... If you\'re a woman that is. However, it\'s good to know that Vanessa actually sports some lip hair - it reminds us that she is actually a normal human. And is possibly manlier than Justin Bieber. ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens is Classy

So apparently, being a furry is \"in.\" Looking like a hot animal that is sort of human is kind of cool.. but I\'m not sure if all of the yiffing and strange bestiality stuff is okay. I need to talk to my priest and it\'ll depend on how man Our Fathers I have to say... then I can decide if this is hot. :) ... [Full Story]

It\'s Oscar Time Again

Yep, it\'s that time of year again - Oscar time. That special day when all of the d-bags in Hollywood come out of the woodwork to become self-congratulating idiots. Sometimes I forget that the winners aren\'t picked based on how much money they make or how much people like them... it all comes down to who is \"due\" and which people the Academy likes. I actually applaud The Hurt Locker producer ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens was in a Small Accident

Yesterday, Vanessa Hudgens got in a car accident of some kind, but don\'t worry, her head and other body parts are all intact. In fact, she looks like her perfectly normal self trying to hide from the paparazzi\'s cameras for some inexplicable reason. We\'ve seen your movies, Vanessa, we know what you look like. Seriously. ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens Sure Looks Good

Here\'s Vanessa Hudgens looking like the fat, smelly girl in class that no one ever talked to. Of course in the pictures where she\'s standing up and not stuffing her face with plants, she looks great. I also know she wouldn\'t give me 5 minutes of her time even if I was dying of AIDS and it was my last request. So, even with the ugly eating habits, she still wins in the end. ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens is Now 21

Congratulations to Vanessa Hudgens. She\'s now old enough to drink and drive without a license, also known as 21 years old. Here she is celebrating out with her boyfriend, Zac Efron. Maybe she should revive her scandalous side in honor of turning 21 by sending racy photos over the Internet. Preferably to me. I\'ll be waiting for them. ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens Travels Places

Here\'s Vanessa Hudgens at LAX airport, either coming from somewhere or going somewhere. It doesn\'t really matter since the point of this post it to just show you pictures of her doing normal people things that we all do. It\'s fun to see celebrities do normal stuff like getting on airplanes and cleaning up dog crap. It humanizes them so that we don\'t turn into stalkers. Ok, gotta go, Sophia ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens at the Teen Choice Awards

Originally, I was going to just post pictures of Vanessa Hudgens standing around at the Teen Choice Awards the other day, and I still am, but then I found a video of Dane Cook basically calling her out on being a slut. I thought it was funny, but not quite as funny as when she murders him in his sleep tonight. This will probably be removed, so if it doesn\'t work, blame copyright laws, not me. ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens All Set to Grow Up

After hinting several months ago that she might be willing to do nudity for a movie role, Vanessa Hudgens might now have that chance. OK! says: Apparently, playing a hooker in new movie Sucker Punch is just such a role. The Hudge hints to the UK\'s Metro she\'ll be taking it all off for the camera in the upcoming Zack Snyder film. \"I\'m playing a character named Blondie and it\'s set in ... [Full Story]

Ummmm, Okay

Normally, I love both Vanessa Hudgens and Megan Fox more than I love most of my family, but what\'s up with Megan Fox? The picture above almost looks like two trannies I\'m used to running as far away from as possible. Vanessa looks good in the other photos, but Megan should probably never slick her hair back like that if she wants to maintain hottest girl in the history of the ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens on Getting Naked for a Movie

Now that those High School Musical movies have seemed to come to an end, Vanessa Hudgens is wasting no time talking about her grown-up future. E!Online reports: \"I will show nudity in a film when the time is right,\" Hudgens, 20, told us at this weekend\'s Diesel Only the Brave cologne launch party in West Hollywood. \"Right now, I wouldn\'t feel comfortable doing it, but like I said, when ... [Full Story]

Vanessa Hudgens is an Evil Puppy

Vanessa Hudgens showed her face at the launch of Diesel Men\'s Fragrance \"Only The Brave\" this past weekend and decided to have the coolest hair of all time while there. I can\'t decide whether I wanna kiss her or groom her and throw a squeaky toy newspaper across the room. Maybe both. ... [Full Story]