Drew Barrymore and That Goofy Kid From Dodgeball Make Out

Drew Barrymore was caught making out with Justin "That Goofy Kid from Dodgeball" Long at the Izaka-Ya restaurant on Monday night.

The two are currently working on their new movie He's Just Not That Into You, and they took some time sit closely next to one another as Justin's head got petted and stroked.

Even though "he" might not be "that into you," Justin's tongue was certainly into Drew!

That sort of PDA would be fine if Drew Barrymore didn't scare me and Justin Long wasn't only famous because he's so damn good at playing at the goofy, ugly, awkward, loser type.

Drew was only hot in E.T. as far as I'm concerned ... God she was one hot pre-pubescent little girl... I never forgot how much she turned me on when she saw E.T. and screamed for her life... such passion... such emotion... all at such a young age!

Anyway, I see Drew now, and as much as a want to like her, there's only one word that I associate with her name for some reason, and that's "sloppy." And Justin, well, he always has been and always will be that goofy kid from Dodgeball and those Mac commercials.

Nevertheless, here's Drew and Justin getting all close for your viewing pleasure... or displeasure... whatever it is, it's something...

9.05.07 at 04:12:14 PM