Melissa Joan Hart Wants to Do Maxim Magazine Again!

Melissa Joan Hart

Former teenage witch Melissa Joan Hart is considering doing another Maxim Magazine photoshoot! The 32-year-old mother of two did a Maxim shoot back in '99 but now she's thinking of giving it another go! Specifically, she told The New York Post's Page Six the following:

I'm not looking to prove to anyone that I'm a hot mom, other than my husband. But I'm not against doing a 'look, I've got my abs back' sort of thing.'

But she may need a little time to prepare - I'm not in a hurry to show my not-so-thin ass out there right now.'"

You know, I'm okay with this. Sure, Melissa's gotten a lot older and she's not what she once was when she was on "Sabrina The Teenage Witch," but I always liked her bubbly personality and I think it's kind of stuck with me. Plus, she's pretty damn cute for 32-year-old and why not show it off in some skimpy articles of clothing on the glossy pages of Maxim. I think it would be nice... I'm looking forward to this thing if it's actually going to happen!

Melissa out looking cute at an event in Beverly Hills last week:

6.06.08 at 10:50:34 AM