Ben Affleck Films Documentary in the Congo!

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck recently went to the Congo and filmed a special documentary about the decade-long conflict that has killed over four million people. People Magazine reports:

The actor recently traveled to the Congo where four million people have been killed in the decade-long conflict, according to the International Rescue Committee. And Thursday night, ABC's Nightline will air a special documentary on his eye-opening journey.

"Congo is in terrible shape," Affleck (who has traveled to the country three times in the last eight months) says in the segment. "What's going on here in the this country is a humanitarian disaster."

Cameras were there as the 35-year-old actor met conflict survivors, aid workers and, yes, warlords."

Wait, did that just say that Ben Affleck met with conflict survivors, aid workers, and WARLORDS!? Wow, that's crazy! I'm surprised that in the middle of his effort to increase awareness of the terrible acts of violence and hatred, he didn't end up getting chopped to death by some crazy African warlord with a keen hatred for rich westerners!

6.26.08 at 10:11:35 AM