Sarah Larson Has a Name, You Know!

George Clooney and Sarah Larson

George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson has asked not to be referred to as “George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend.” Wait… ah dammit! Sorry Sarah.

The former cocktail waitress and current pseudo-celebrity made a July 25th appearance at the Las Vegas club Tao, and requested that promotional material for the event did not mention Clooney. From Star:

Sarah feels she is famous enough now," a source says. "She doesn't want to be regarded as some famous guy's ex."

Well she’s clearly not famous but nevertheless. It must suck to be typecast as one thing only. And it’s even worse when the thing you’re known for is being someone’s ex. It’s like she’s not even good enough to be a real person, she’s just former property of George Clooney. She’s achieved her independence, why can’t she be treated as an equal? What good is so-called independence if people refuse to recognize it?

Thank you, Sarah Larson, for finally helping me to understand the Civil Rights movement.

Here are some pics of Sarah being my kind of girl…

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