That Kid from Baywatch has a Sex Tape

jeremy jackson

Jeremy Jackson, better known as "Hobie" (The Hoff's son) on Baywatch, and former porn star Sky Lopez are in the latest sex tape attempting to make its rounds. Jeremy claims, according to TMZ, that he was blackmailed:

We just got this statement from Jeremy: "Listen, this video was made by my best friend. Between me and a casual sex partner who just so happened to be a former porn star. I was later physically threatened if I didn't turn the DVD over to some drug addicted thugs.

"They said, 'Sky wanted it back and didn't want to ever be seen as a porn star, that she had turned to God and was changing her life.' So I gave it up for HER and so they would not beat me up and 'make my life hell' as they had threatened. I was blackmailed. This private recording becoming public kinda sucks. But I thought people out there should know the truth and how far some people will go to make a quick buck."

We're told the tape is about 45 minutes in length, but so far -- no buyers.

Ouch, no buyers. That means you're ugly.

Of all the people on Baywatch that could've been blackmailed for a sex tape, why did God think it would be so hilarious to make it Jeremy Jackson? Yasmine Bleeth, Erika Eleniak, Pamela Anderson, even David Hasselhoff would've been better than this turd.

Jeremy doesn't have to worry too much. Everyone's already seen Sky Lopez in action, and no one wants to see Jeremy. Next.

9.05.08 at 09:04:28 AM