Katie Holmes and Anti-Scientology Peeps Hit Broadway


Tom Cruise let Katie Holmes out of the cellar to make her Broadway debut in All My Sons the other day. And, despite anti-Scientology protesters, he couldn't be happier according to US:

Moments before the curtain went up, Cruise was all smiles as he entered the theater, greeting theatergoers, taking pictures and clapping.

"It was really powerful, I'm so proud," Cruise was overheard saying after Holmes' performance. Around 20 demonstrators (many in masks) staged a protest, shouting "Free Katie" and holding signs that screamed "How many more must die?" outside the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City.

“We are not boycotting Katie, we are not boycotting the play - we are protesting Scientology. It is evil. Scientology kills people. It follows you home at night. It is perverted," a demonstrator insisted.

Weird, I have more in common with Scientology than I thought. Those are almost the exact words the prosecuting attorney used in my last case.

This is where I would agree with the anti-Scientology crowd and then make a joke about how they steal your money and having sex with farm animals, but then I'd end up in a dumpster between two abandoned buildings. That would make it hard to update this site...unless it has wi-fi. Hmmm.

9.19.08 at 12:02:20 PM