Tara Reid is Dating her Garbageman

Just when I thought Tara Reid couldn't get any worse (ie, the bikini pics where her ass is melting away from the rest of her body), these photos come out. Who the hell is that guy? I hope he's her foster dad or pimp or cousin because if she's dating this Ron Jeremy knock-off, there's really no hope for Tara. Then again, there probably isn't any hope for her anyway. One thing, I do wonder how much money she has...did she pocket enough from her shitty movies to live off of or is this guy tossing quarters in her vagina to hang out with him? Hmmm.

She looks okay without a bra...until you see the one where they're in the car. Her boobs are in her lap.

10.24.08 at 09:17:38 AM