Maria Menounos Always Brightens My Gloomy Day

Maria Menounos Silver Dress

Maria Menounos pictures always brighten my day. I mean, she's not even a movie star or a model, she never appeared naked in a sex tape, nor has does she even have nude photos around on the internet and I still love her. I mean, this chick is just pretty. She's the kind of baby carrot that you just want to take home with you, open up a nice bottle of wine, slip some GHB in her drink and take advantage of her all night.

In my book, when you've only seen a woman fully clothed and those thoughts enter your mind, that's not just an attraction... that's love.

Clearly, she's basically perfect as far as I'm concerned. So, please, in honor of love itself, take a moment to enjoy Maria Menounos being hot at the Monique Lhuillier Boutique opening in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

10.12.07 at 04:01:21 PM