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These Two Idiots Still Aren\'t Legally Married

The back and forthness of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt getting married or not getting married is becoming almost as boring as watching Jeopardy with my Grandma. She hasn\'t gotten a single right answer in 25 years, yet she guesses every damn time. Anyway, now according to US, they officially are not married: On the Hills after-show, Pratt and Montag appeared live in studio for the first ... [Full Story]

Heidi and Spencer Claim They Really are Married

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt want us to believe they really did get married. The problem is, whether they did or not, no one really cares that much. But for the 4 of you who do, TMZ reports: The legality of the Speidi nuptials are being questioned because a judge that supposedly married them at L.A. Superior Court doesn\'t actually sit on the bench there and civil marriages aren\'t done in ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag Apparently Only Owns Bikinis

It seems the rumor that Heidi Montag sold all of her clothes in Mexico for a backrub and a burrito is true. Or maybe not since I just made it up. But it could be true because I haven\'t seen Heidi in normal clothing for a while. She\'s always around Spencer and always in a bikini. One of those things, I don\'t mind. And the other is her always hanging around Spencer. It\'s good to be direct in ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag is Way Too Good for this Loser

If Heidi Montag doesn\'t kick Spencer Pratt to the curb within the next 6 months, I\'m taking drastic measures. Seriously. I\'ll continue to never watch The Hills and I\'ll stop including her in my four-way fantasies with Scarlett Johansson and Vin Diesel. I hope she\'s reading this. These pictures were taken during the Montag-Pratt fake eloping that went down in Mexico a couple of weeks ago ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag\'s Mom Thinks Spencer Drugged Her

In the latest Us article, Heidi Montag\'s mom talks about Spencer Pratt, who supposedly eloped in Mexico with Heidi a couple of weeks ago, but then it turned out to be fake which everyone expected anyway: \"He\'s manipulative and seems to have power over Heidi,\" Darlene Egelhoff, 46, told Us in an exclusive interview from her home in Crested Butte, Colorado the day after Montag, 22, blew ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Get Married

So it appears Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt eloped in Mexico recently. Weird. According to US mag: The Hills star wed her longtime beau, Spencer Pratt, in a secret ceremony in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico, on Nov. 19, Us Weekly reports in its newest issue (the published date of Thursday, Nov. 20 was misreported). See exclusive photos wedding photos in Us Weekly\'s new issue, on stands ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag is Sad

Why is Heidi Montag sad? Well, because she was John McCain\'s only celebrity supporter along with Jon Voight. She doesn\'t look that sad though, so maybe she took comfort in knowing she\'s rich, hot and dating a douchebag. That\'s how I get by. ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag Dresses Up as a Slutty Policewoman

Unlike most people on the planet, I like Heidi Montag. There\'s something about an arrogant, rich, sexy Republican that gets my penis moving around in my pants. Spencer Pratt is still an all-around douchebag who the world could get along fine without, but we\'ll pretend he doesn\'t exist. Heidi\'s already for Halloween as the images below show. That gun has an orange tip, so it\'s not real ... [Full Story]

Live Television Just Keeps Getting Worse

According to USMagazine, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt intend to get married on live television. Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt tell Extra they plan to get married on live TV. \"I\'m just waiting for that big ring,\" Montag, 21, said in the interview airing tonight. And Montag – who debuted her new single, \"Overdosin,\'\" today – says the couple isn\'t ready to leave The ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Are Going to Iraq!

“The Hills” stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are going to Iraq to perform for the troops. Which should be interesting, since they don’t actually do anything. Heidi was inspired to go overseas by her stepbrother, a military vet who died in a hotel accident back in March. The couple getting some help with the trip from Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain. Pratt told Extra: “She’s ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag Has Lunch with John McCain's Daughter!

Heidi Montag was spotted having a lunch date with Meghan McCain, daughter of republican presidential candidate, John McCain! Why this would ever happen, I have no idea! Us Magazine reports: Heidi Montag had a lunch date with John McCain's daughter Meghan. The two were photographed outside the Ivy on the Shore restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif., on Tuesday. Montag, 21, and Meghan, 23, even ... [Full Story]

Heidi Montag Wants to Record a Christian Album!

Heidi Montag says that she wants to record a Christian album now! Us Magazine reports: There is a different side to Heidi Montag that you don't see on MTV's The Hills, the 21-year-old budding singer tells USA Today. "I have been the most religious person since I was 2 years old. I always felt this crazy connection to God," says Montag, who identifies herself as "kind of non-denominational ... [Full Story]