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I Like It When Hilary Duff Shops in the Rain

First of all, being from the Mideastern part of the country, I was under the impression it never rained in Hollywood and when it even sprinkled, everyone ran for shelter while screaming about the end days. Apparently that assumption was wrong because Hilary Duff went out and shopped in it yesterday. She\'s such a brave girl, facing danger like this. It\'s such a turn on. ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff Rips on Faye Dunaway

As a quick recap, Hilary Duff has been cast to play Bonnie in a remake of \"Bonnie and Clyde,\" so the original Bonnie, which is Faye Dunaway, decided to ask publicly, \"Couldn\'t they at least cast a real actress?\" Clearly this twisted Hilary\'s panties and E! Online has the rest: Hilary Duff clearly had enough of Faye Dunaway\'s supposed criticism about whether she has the chops to take ... [Full Story]

Special: Hilary Duff Looking Ridiculously Hot

What\'s awesome about Hilary Duff is thinking about her sexually is sort of taboo. She was on the Disney channel after all, which we now know as the breeding ground for sluts everywhere. Just look at Britney Spears or Jamie Lynn Spears. But anyway, it\'s only a matter of time before Hilary flops out those awesome breasts. Until then, let\'s print one of these high resolution shots out, get in ... [Full Story]

More of Hilary Duff in the Bahamas

On Friday, I posted some pictures of Hilary Duff with her loser hockey boyfriend in the Bahamas. Fortunately, a better batch of images came out over the weekend with less boyfriend and more Hilary in a bikini. He\'s probably somewhere on the island all confused, looking for some ice. The way I see it, when this Mike Comrie guy has no teeth and brain damage in the next 5 years, that\'s when ... [Full Story]

Why Hilary, Why?

When I first came across these pictures, I was hoping it was just one of those programs where a famous actress spends one day with a mentally retarded person for charity. But as it turns out, this is Hilary Duff with boyfriend/hockey player Mike Comrie somewhere in the Caribbean. I don\'t mean to sound bitter, but I\'m way more attractive than this guy and, from what I understand, hockey takes ... [Full Story]

Celebrities Do Things Part 2

A whole bunch of stuff happened in the last couple of days that no one quite cares about, but when combined, it makes for an interesting post. Jessica Alba went for a walk in Beverly Hills with her morbidly obese mother, thus immediately changing my perception of Jessica from sex symbol to timebomb. Hilary Duff went to a club. Because she\'s a slut and I love her. Reese Witherspoon went ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff Won\'t Stop Getting Hotter

I\'m so glad Hilary Duff abandoned the good girl Disney image and started showing off what we all cared about anyway: her rockin\' body. Now I don\'t have to risk humiliation by getting caught watching the Disney channel in order to check Hilary out. These images are outtakes from her Maxim photoshoot. If you think these are hot, be sure to check out even hotter Hilary pics by clicking here ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff Opens Up for Maxim

It\'s a great thing that Hilary Duff is no longer in that whole Disney thing. Granted, she\'s in her 20s now, so it\'d be a little weird if she still was, but I\'m happy anyway. She\'s one of the most sexiest girls around, so she belongs in magazines like Maxim, not shows like Walter the Dragon Finds a Kite. These Maxim photos are awesome, but even better, she talks about not being a virgin and ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff is Standing Up to Cancer

Cancer sucks, but the whole \"Stand Up to Cancer\" thing never made much sense to me. It\'s not terrorism or a disease like AIDS where people get it because they have sex with monkeys. It\'s a natural mutation. What else should we stand up to? Male pattern baldness? Or maybe Morton\'s Toe, which everyone is well aware means your second toe is longer than your first. I don\'t know, just seems ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff Fought a Bear

Some photographer took these pictures of Hilary Duff yesterday holding a cell phone and bearing a rather large cut on her chest. Which begs the question, what happened? Since I have no way of knowing the truth, I\'ll just make it up. She was walking into her bathroom when her cat jumped in front of her, causing her to fall forward and crush her chest on the handle that flushes the toilet. What ... [Full Story]

Hilary Duff is Really Talented

All it takes for me to fall in love with a girl is if she has the ability to wear a hat and hold a Blackberry at the same time. It doesn\'t hurt when she\'s Hilary Duff, but that part is optional. On top of all that, she\'s even managing to have pictures taken of her without messing anything up. True talent, but show some more boobs next time. Thanks. ... [Full Story]

What Happened to Hilary Duff\'s Face?

It seems Hilary Duff either had a stroke or got ugly in the last 2 weeks. Or maybe I just picked the weirdest images of her from the Opening of the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles last night because I thought it\'d be more interesting than normal ones. Yeah, probably. ... [Full Story]