Kim Kardashian is Being Sued

I know, when I heard about Kim Kardashian being sued, I thought for sure her ass finally knocked someone off the side of a building or something, but it turns out it's cookie related. According to TMZ:

The guy behind Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet weight loss program has cooked up a lawsuit against Kim, claiming the reality star defamed him with a cyber-attack in which she calls the Cookie Diet "unhealthy."

In the suit, out of Miami-Dade County, the Doc claims Kim had "commercial motive" for the attack because she's a spokesperson for a rival weight-loss program, QuickTrim.

I didn't know so much drama could be involved with cookies. I usually just reach into the bag and eat dozens of them on any given night, not really thinking or caring about how each one is taking 3-6 hours off of my life. I should be dead any day now.

12.29.09 at 08:48:27 AM