Lucy Pinder Has Big Breasts and a Big Snake!

Lucy Pinder with Snake

These big-breasted Lucy Pinder pictures are intriguing. Not just because I love British chicks that really have no other talent other than being hot and having really big breasts... I mean, that's part of it... but also because she's got a big dangerous snake around her neck. Well, at least it looks dangerous. I don't really know much about snakes... which is ironic because I have a little "snake" of my own for Lucy. And by little I mean huge. Like Anaconda size. Like so big that if it were kept in captivity, it would need a whole replica forest of its own in order to survive. Think about it.

Anyway, here's British glamour model Lucy Pinder being smokin' hot at "The Rustlers Real Men Games" in London this week. Enjoy the breasts, kids.

11.01.07 at 12:53:18 PM