Hilary is a Good Doggy Mom

For practice for her near future as a housewife and mother, Hilary has been taking care of her dog lately on her own. Since kids and dogs are practically the same thing, she is getting a similar experience. Well, probably a better one, since dogs don't require wiping poo from their butts and you can leave them locked in a car.

Sooner or later when she marries her Canadian friend, she'll realize she was probably better off taking care of Fido and still being single. Years from now, Hilary Duff will just be a fat, blonde joke who has 2 retarded children to her retarded hockey playing husband. But at least, at that point, I'll feel better about my own life and I'll stop punishing myself for not dating Hilary Duff.

5.17.10 at 02:17:47 PM