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Katy Perry Gets Her Breasts Plastered

I\'m not entirely sure what the point of this is, but does it really matter? No...it doesn\'t. ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Photoshoot for Esquire Magazine

Here are the photos from the April \'09 Esquire Magazine photoshoot that Katy Perry did. Anyone who doesn\'t think this chick is smokin\' hot needs his fingers shut in a car door two or three times. ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Performed at the Brit Awards

I still don\'t quite understand what the Brit Awards are, and I\'m way too lazy to Google it, but Katy Perry was invited for some reason. Pretty sure she isn\'t a Brit, so maybe the awards have nothing to do with nationality. Anyway, I\'m a big fan of Katy Perry mostly because of her chest, but this make-up she\'s been wearing lately has to go. I can\'t get into trannies anymore. ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Does Promo Shots for \"Thinking of You\"

From what I gather based off of these photos, the Katy Perry song \"Thinking of You\" is basically about a lonely girl who meets a boring guy that takes her on bike rides, then they crash the bike and he dies. If so, then I think it\'s safe to say lyrics writers are running out of ideas. ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Steals the Grammy\'s

Originally my plan was to do a post with a collage of images of stars at the Grammy\'s, but then I realized Katy Perry\'s are the only ones that matter. No one else can just stand there and look at slutty as her. It\'s a natural gift, you can\'t teach that. ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry is a Slutty Performer

This gallery is from Katy Perry\'s \"Hello Katy\" tour date in San Francisco. Anyone in the first 6 rows caught several forms of STDs, but that\'s a price I\'d be willing to pay to be that close to Katy. I doubt anyone there thought she was hot though because I read a book once and it said everyone in San Francisco is gay. ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry\'s Rack is Better Than her Music

For the last 5 minutes and 57 seconds, I\'ve just stared at Katy Perry and her boobs. I took a quick break to write this post, but I\'ll be going back to it shortly, equipped with two boxes of tissues and a bottle of oil. Don\'t question it, it\'s just how I do things when it comes to hot celebrities. The high resolution versions of these images really emphasize how amazing those milk jugs ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Parties or Something

Over the weekend, Katy Perry partied with some weird girls and these are the resulting images. I don\'t have any details about these pictures, but as a rich and famous singer, this is a pretty lame party. There are only 4 girls there, wrestling around and tugging at each other\'s panties with their teeth. Yeah, what I said about it being a lame party, nevermind that. That was the breakfast beer ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Caught on the Beach in Mexico and DAMN

As a late Christmas present to myself and male crotches everywhere, here\'s Katy Perry and her lovely breasts showing themselves on a beach in Mexico. Not sure why she was there or who she was there with, but if her songs are any indication, it was a good bisexual time. Most of these are high resolution but a few of them aren\'t. So if you click one and see crappy resolution, don\'t slam your ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Has Weird Hair and a Nice Chest

Katy Perry is by far the hottest weird girl on the planet. This girl at my church with one leg and a beard is a close second, but Katy manages to look stranger all the time while maintaining bangable status. You can\'t teach that. Although they should try, starting with 2nd grade. At the KIIS FM Jingle Ball 2008 event, whatever that might be, here she is. ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Looks Fantastic (no weird faces either!)

Whichever genius photographer got Katy Perry to sit still long enough to take 12+ real, serious pictures deserves a Nobel Prize or at least a box of Hostess cupcakes. That\'s impressive considering she\'s usually acting like a 4 year old retard. Check these out while you can. I\'m positive the next batch of Katy Perry images will include at least 3 bug-eyed, handicapped poses. ... [Full Story]

Katy Perry Scares the Hell Out of Barcelona

Katy Perry is hot and she has nice boobs, but she still scares me. Those eyes are either really awesome or she\'s Satan, not sure yet. I wonder if she\'s ever actually blinked. These images are of her singing in Barcelona. You can\'t tell from these shots, but the entire crowd\'s eyes are bleeding and there\'s random chaos everywhere. ... [Full Story]