Kendra Wilkinson is Mad. But Seriously, Who Cares.

Kendra Wilkson, a.k.a., one of Hugh Hefners girlfriends who turned celebrity, apparently got snubbed on Hef's wedding list. If it was a normal relationship, I could understand not inviting the ex to the wedding. (Unless you love awkward situations and drunk stories about sex.) But she lived in his mansion and was a huge part of his business for over 3 years... needless to say, she is disappointed:

"I haven't gotten my save the date yet," Kendra exclusively tells us. "I'm not joking, I'm really pissed off about it."

So is she really that PO'ed at Hef?

"No! It's Crystal that does the wedding planning. She's the girl! If she doesn’t give me a save the date soon I'm going to have to put in my save the date with (another wedding that same day)."

Hef has slept with a ridiculous amount of women and I'm sure at least a third of them will be at the wedding, so Crystal might as well invite the now-famous Kendra. Just so she can pour water all over herself at the wedding. Then it'd be worth it. It's always worth it when she does that.

4.04.11 at 12:00:00 PM