Tara Reid Needs to Eat More Snacks

Tara Reid

It's been a while since we've seen Tara Reid bikini pictures... and I'm happy to report that she's looking like a human being again... sort of. It took a few months of extensive plastic surgery, I'm sure, but at least her skin doesn't look like a plastic bag filled with ground beef anymore. However, she does look unhealthily skinny, so it would be nice if she started eating a little bit more. I'm not saying she should go load up on steak, but hey, a few little nutritious snacks during the day wouldn't hurt. Perhaps a granola bar, or a fig newton... you know, in between her usual lunch of vodka martinis and diet pills.

Tara out in a bikini in her hotel pool in Darwin, Australia yesterday:

12.04.07 at 10:15:21 AM