Jessica Simpson Has Intimidating Legs

Legs are an awesome part of most women. ... most women that aren't Jessica Simpson, that is. Her legs look so muscular I would actually be afraid to have sex with her. Kudos for the weight loss, but just because you've dated an NFL star doesn't mean you should look like one.

    10.25.12 at 08:12 PM   

    Ashley Greene is a Red Head Now.

    Ashley Greene now has red hair. And the cute kind of red, too. Not the kind where you think she might not have a soul and her skin is one big freckle (which can still be cute by the way - Deborah Ann Woll, I'm looking at you). It must be freeing to be no longer changed to the ridiculousness that is the Twilight movie series...

    10.25.12 at 08:10 PM   

    Christina Aguilera is Overly Confident

    No one should ever feel like less of a person for being overweight. However, if you do happen to be overweight, you shouldn't necessarily flaunt your body like you weigh 105lbs. Take Christina Aguilera for example. She was in Beverly Hills recently at the 40th American Music Awards wearing a purple spandex (?) dress and what appears to be a feather boa. These things make no sense together.

    10.09.12 at 10:19 PM   

    We Love Tom Hanks. You Should, Too.

    Nerdist wanted Tom Hanks to do one of their podcasts, but they knew they would need to make a compelling argument to get Hanks to agree with it. So, they got him a 1934 Smith Corona typewriter, typed up an invitation, and then sent the typewriter and invitation back to Tom Hanks.

    As cheesy and stupid as the offer seemed... it worked. Because to get the attention of the stars, you need to be creative. Tom Hanks even wrote letter back. I'm going to start giving out typewriters to girls I want to date. Because this this is pimp as hell.

      10.09.12 at 12:00 AM   

      This Dog is NOT Having It.

      If the overly-gorgeous Joanna Krupa was giving me a kiss, I really doubt I would be reacting this way. Sure, I might be just as naked and eager to please as a dog, but I wouldn't be doing my best to run away without making a scene. Dang, dog. You ish cray!

      9.26.12 at 10:01 PM   

      Lady Gaga Tweeted This.

      Lady Gaga posted pictures of herself in her bra and panties on Twitter. ... probably because she wants attention or something. She says that she used to battle bulimia and now she is happy in her own skin. Seeing that she is still pretty thin, I'm not sure I'm getting the point. This doesn't seem brave or artistic, it just looks like a girl posting semi-nude pictures of herself online. ... Oh that's right. I like that. THANKS, GAGA!

      9.26.12 at 09:56 PM   

      Miley Cyrus Actually Made Two and a Half Men Worse

      I didn't think that this was possible, but it seems that Two and a Half Men got even worse. Miley Cyrus had a cameo on the show recently. I also thought I would never say this either, but I seriously believed Miley was above crap like this. Both the show and the girl was made worse because of each other. This is just depressing.

      9.25.12 at 06:39 PM