Amanda Bynes is a Woman Driver LULZ.

Last month, Amanda Bynes got a DUI and ended up on top of a curb (possibly also a helpless grandmother). Annnnnd now we just learned that she side-swiped someone with her Land Rover. Gee, she sure is swell!

An LAPD police helicopter that was already in the vicinity flew overhead as a total of six police cars arrived on the scene and made contact with Bynes.

(The LAPD said:) "It turned out the damage to the pick-up truck was so minor that it was very plausible she had no idea that she hit anyone. Because of that, we decided not to charge her with hit and run, took a traffic report instead and sent her on her way."

It's super awesome when the police let celebrities do whatever they want! They are better than normal people!

5.07.12 at 02:59:27 PM