Tara Reid's Bikini Photoshoot in Bali, Indonesia

Tara Reid Bikini

More Tara Reid bikini pictures have emerged! Check out the latest bikini photos of Tara! She actually is starting to look like a full human again!

It seems like Tara has been living in a bikini lately. Tara was out in a bikini in Australia last week, and now she's back to her scantily clad ways in Bali, Indonesia for a bikini photoshoot! So, it seems like everywhere I look these days, there's Tara in a bikini! Normally, this wouldn't be as good of a thing as one would think... you know, celebrities in bikinis is always a good thing? Right!? Usually, yes... but Tara has gone through some rough times in her career... and during those rough times, her body had become quite worn down and emaciated at times, leaving nothing but a pretty blonde's face on what appears to be an 80-year-old woman's body. But that was a few months ago. Now, each time I see Tara in a bikini, she looks more and more like a human. In fact, I think that's precisely why she's always out in a bikini. She's probably undergoing some sort of study by anthropologists to see how she can regain the status of being fully human again... you know, after she was out seen with a disgusting wrinkly stomach every now and again.

In fact, I bet that these photographs were taken by a group of anthropologists from Oxford, University hiding behind the trees of the nearby jungle woods as they observe Tara trying to break away from the negative effects that drugs have had on her body so that she can become a fully functioning human again! Seriously! Such a student is vital for a deeper understanding of the human condition!!!

Anyway, check out Tara looking kind of hot but a little too anorexic for my liking at a bikini photoshoot in Bali, Indonesia yesterday. Enjoy what I've done for you here.

12.18.07 at 09:15:21 AM