Leelee Sobieski Reminds Me of a Young Helen Hunt

Leelee Sobieski

Here are some Leelee Sobieski bikini pictures. Yea, they're pretty much of no relevance whatsoever to me except for the fact that she looks like a young Helen Hunt and that just throws me into a whirlwind of nostalgia. Yep, it reminds me of a better time, back when Helen was in the movie "Twister" being kind of old and hot at the same time running away from storms and stuff. Yea, that was cool. And probably even stronger feelings of nostalgia lie within me because of her role on the sitcom "Mad About You" which was huge back in the '90s.

I mean, I know it's not the most masculine thing to have a deep love for a little romantic sitcom, but Helen and her co-star Paul Reiser just had unbelievable on-screen chemistry, and frankly, seeing that kind of love on T.V. was crucial in my emotional development as a young boy. Ahh, late-night slumber parties with my friends... watching re-runs of "Mad About You," ahh, those were the days. What!? So what if I had a group of friends when I was young that were very much in-touch with their emotions!?! Is there something wrong with that, dammit!? Okay, so leave me alone!

Anyway, so yea, that's pretty much the only reason why these Leelee Sobieski bikini pictures mean anything to me. But hey, she's got some curves to her, and I always enjoy a nice healthy woman like that. And then, there's that whole Helen Hunt resemblance thing that I mentioned earlier. So, please, take a moment, and experience the joy that is Leelee in a bikini. Okay, I'm not even going to comment on how that rhymes and how it made me chuckle a little bit. Nope. I've shared too much of my emotions with you already. Neveretheless, enjoy what I've done for you here, kids!

12.28.07 at 11:07:21 AM