Adriana Lima

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Adriana Lima is Absolute Perfection

I never used to think Adriana Lima was anything special, but then again, I used to be gay until I started taking these anti-homo pills they sell at Wal Mart. But anyway, that\'s another story. The point is Adriana IS absolute perfection and these pictures prove that, once and for all. I nearly died when I saw a few of these in high resolution, so prepare to be blown...away. ... [Full Story]

The Sexy Adriana Lima Steals the Super Bowl

The best part about the Super Bowl wasn\'t the Steelers losing or the awfully awful half time show... it was the fact that there was a sexy Adriana Lima commercial. After I viewed her stunning body in HD I blacked out for a few days and woke up in a gutter. THAT\'S how good it was. ... [Full Story]

The Victoria\'s Secret Fashion Show 2010

I swear I had better things to do than to watch the 2010 Victoria\'s Secret Fashion show... but I found out that I don\'t. I really don\'t. So I sat around, waiting for VS updates. All of the skinny, sexy models looked skinny and sexy. Was there going to be any surprise there? ... [Full Story]

This is Not a Dress

If I know one thing about fashion, it is at what level your clothing is legally considered nudity. And thanks to that memorable afternoon at Cedar Point, I know that Adriana Lima\'s dress here can\'t even be considered a dress. Why? Well. I think her bombs have something to do with it. ... [Full Story]

The Diamond Dogs of Victoria\'s Secret

So what do Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel and all of the Victoria\'s Secret girls have in common? Aside from taking restraining orders out against me? ... well they are slaves to Victoria\'s Secret and they must push any product that the dumb company is forcing them to. That\'s what. While wearing skanky dresses. But I, Mr. Restraining Order Man, can\'t complain. ... [Full Story]

Adriana Lima? In a Bikini?

It\'s good to see Adriana Lima mixing it up a bit and... wearing a tiny bikini. Life as a model is hard and monotonous. Who wouldn\'t want to take a complete diversion? ... Okay Adriana, I tried. But seriously, if you want to relax, why don\'t you go bowling? Or fishing? Or learn how to make Belgian waffles? All of this time in a bikini is just plain sad. And I\'m the guy who stares at your ... [Full Story]

Adriana Lima is Just a Normal Girl

Despite her blinding good looks, her thousand-dollar boots, and the millions of dollars she has in the bank... Adriana Lima is just a normal hot chick. One, of course, that I could never get. ... but that is pretty normal for me. I refuse to understand fashion, so technically I have no idea if she looks good or bad right now... but I do know that she is going to make me regret failing out ... [Full Story]

Pregnant Adriana Lima Discusses her Life

Ever wondered what Adriana Lima wants in life? Yeah, me either, but you\'re about to find out. Via People: Adriana Lima isn\'t living the life she first anticipated. \"I never saw myself being married and having a child,\" says the supermodel, who eloped on Valentine\'s Day and is expecting her first child in December. \"Not because I did not want to. But it\'s tough to find ... [Full Story]

Adriana Lima Promotes a Fragrance

As Victoria\'s Secret\'s main ho, Adriana Lima is seen here promoting their new Noir Fragrance and Body Care Collection. No idea what that is, but if it\'s the reason that Adriana\'s breasts keep growing every month, go buy some right now for your girlfriend. I already loaded up on it in case I ever trick a girl into dating me. A boy can dream. ... [Full Story]

Adriana Lima Might be Pregnant

Victoria\'s Secret supermodel, Adriana Lima, is sort of hinting that she\'s pregnant. With a baby. USMag reports: Days after secretly marrying NBA star Marko Jaric, Adriana Lima hints that she may be expecting. \"There are rumors of me pregnant. I just cannot say...YET!\" the Victoria\'s Secret model writes on her MySpace blog. She also talks about her small, last-minute ... [Full Story]

Adriana the Ridiculously Hot Supermodel

I\'m pretty sure the picture above is a fake, but I assure you it\'s the only fraud in this batch of the incredible sexiness known as Adriana Lima. It\'s hard to see what makes Adriana so hot, but it probably has something to do with her boobs, ass, stomach, legs, and that slutty look she gets that just says \"Do me HARD.\" Except if you do, you\'re going to prison so it\'s kind of ... [Full Story]

Turns Out Adriana Lima is Attractive

I never would\'ve guessed it, but Elle Magazine has proven that Adriana Lima is an attractive female. Who saw this coming? First a black president, and now this. What a year. ... [Full Story]