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Models Work Out?

This is completely ludicrous and it ruins my perception of women forever. I cannot believe that even perfect people had to get all sweaty and smelly ... AND WORK OUT. I thought that they were naturally shaped nicely. But no, Alessandra Ambrosio even works her tail off to have a hot body. Why can\'t more people just look naturally amazing... and eat whatever they want?!?! ... [Full Story]

The Victoria\'s Secret Fashion Show 2010

I swear I had better things to do than to watch the 2010 Victoria\'s Secret Fashion show... but I found out that I don\'t. I really don\'t. So I sat around, waiting for VS updates. All of the skinny, sexy models looked skinny and sexy. Was there going to be any surprise there? ... [Full Story]

Alessandra Feels at Home in a Bikini

No wonder Alessandra Ambrosio looks so effortless and natural in her VS bikini spreads... she apparently wears little else. As she frolicked in Hawaii with her fiance and daughter, she was wearing an itty bitty bikini... reminiscent of the barely-bikinis featured in Victoria\'s Secret. GOD, you\'ve got to love that magazine... promoting promiscuity everywhere!! ... [Full Story]

Alessandra Doesn\'t Like Her Clothes

With a body THAT smoking hot... why would she? If I was anything but a pasty white nerd living in a subterranean basement bedroom, I would enjoy not wearing clothes and actually getting sunshine. But that isn\'t the case, since I practically live in a bag of Doritos. So Alessandra is doing my living for me. By being half naked, showing off an incredibly happy bikini (that no other woman on ... [Full Story]

Life is Unfair

I need to face some sad facts of life. 1. I will never feed a cute, kittenish Alessandra Ambrosio ice cream on the beach. 2. Alessandra will never know I exist. 3. No matter what I tell myself, it IS weird to be living in my grandmother\'s basement. It\'s surprising to me that models even eat ice cream... so I can only assume that Alessandra is lactose-intolerant and this is actually a ... [Full Story]

Alessandra is a Serious Shopper

You can tell from these pictures that you would not want to get in between Alessandra and her shopping. This girl is as serious about fashion as I am about stalking her. I love how these amazingly hot women have a sense of humor - wearing baggy shirts as if they were fat. It\'s hilarious. So instead of seeing their warm, supple ...shoulder blades... I just see a baggy shirt with a peace ... [Full Story]

Pool Parties Aren\'t Just for 5th Graders

This has to be the work of divine intervention, getting these three incredibly hot women together and forcing them to have a pool party. Whoever organizes these photoshoots for Victoria\'s Secret models must be the loneliest, nerdiest photographer to ever exist. And I thank him. He just made my Drunk-By-Noon Friday bearable. THANK YOU ANGEL WITH A CAMERA! Miranda Kerr, Candice ... [Full Story]

VS Models Don\'t Get the Point

There is something these Victoria\'s Secret models don\'t know - we don\'t give a crap about public indecency. If they show up to a public event they NEED to be only in bra and panties. Or even without those! Wearing t-shirts give VS models an extremely bad name. I don\'t care how cute you are, blowing kisses at the camera and posing with your own cardboard cutouts. LESS CLOTHES next time ... [Full Story]

Alessandra Ambrosio in DT Magazine

I don\'t know what DT magazine is or what DT even stands for, but they were either lucky enough to get her for a photo shoot or she\'s been kidnapped and forced to pose for the magazine. I don\'t care either way as long as pictures like these result from the possible abduction. Check them out. ... [Full Story]

Alessandra Ambrosio from KISS

Victoria\'s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio, made KISS and 13 year old boys everywhere very happy by looking kinda like a whore on the beach for a photo shoot yesterday. All 83 pounds of her looked as fantastic as always as she frolicked along the beach and collected a hefty paycheck for completing the very difficult task of being hot. ... [Full Story]

Breaking News: Alessandra Ambrosio Eats

Here\'s Victoria\'s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio just before going to the restroom and sticking her finger down her throat. Actually, for legal reasons, just let me say that probably isn\'t true. But it could be. But regardless, she probably threw up anyway because a stomach that\'s accustomed to 3 crutons and a salad per week just can\'t handle that much chocolate. These pictures were ... [Full Story]

Alessandra Ambrosio is Cool

Here\'s Victoria\'s Secret model and relatively new mother, Alessandra Ambrosio, going out somewhere a day or two ago. I\'m really glad my mom doesn\'t look like that or I\'d have a whole psychology book full of issues to work out. ... [Full Story]