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Alexander Skarsgard has Sex with Every Woman

Is there a woman that Alexander Skarsgard could NOT have sex with? (The answer is no.) That\'s why companies are finally starting to wise up and use him in campaigns geared towards women and men who want to have sex with women, as seen below. I have no idea what they are selling, but DANGIT, I want it. I\'m not sure what he is doing either, aside from dry humping everything in sight... but still ... [Full Story]

Alexander Skarsgard Got to Charlize, Too.

Oh Alexander Skarsgard, you and your genitals be so crazy! It looks like he marked Charlize Theron now, too. For Charlize, this is great news. A. Skarsgard sex is probably the best. For the rest of the male population, it\'s not so good news. Alex has now slept with 40% of the females on Earth. Page Six reports: A source close to Theron told the magazine that the two are involved, but said ... [Full Story]

Alexander Skarsgard Impregnated Every Woman in Japan.

... or I at least assume he did, since he is the living and breathing symbol of sex and fertility. He was there with his \"Battleship\" cast mates, hopefully addressing the issue of why on earth a Battleship movie would include aliens. Or at least talking about how many people he will be having sex with in the new season of \"True Blood,\" which premieres in June (and the trailer for it is posted ... [Full Story]

Alexander Skarsgard - Sex is a Cure For What Ails You

This is why men love Alexander Skarsgard as much as women do: he\'s a man\'s man. A manly man. A Swedish man! Apparently in Sweden all they do is play music, get wasted, and screw each other. Women would love to do this with Alex and men are proud of him for being so open about it. Now if only I could track down this magnificent beast... According to the latest issue of \"Out:\" Skarsgard: ... [Full Story]

Alexander Skarsgard is a Great Rapist. And I Like It.

You would think that, as a man, being described as a \"huge\" rapist would make women not attracted to you. But no, that\'s not the case if you\'re Alexander Skarsgard. Being thought of as a big, sexy rapist is actually a good thing. Damn his Swedish face, I can\'t even stay mad at him. Neither can his ex Kate Bosworth, apparently, since she went in-depth in an interview about how awesome of a ... [Full Story]

Alexander Skarsgard Loves the Single Life

I\'m not sure if Alexander Skarsgard understands that not *every* girl in New York City is eligible to date him. 99%, sure, but the ones under the age of 8 might be a little too immature for him. ... aw hell, who am I kidding. Even they want to be with him. :( ... [Full Story]

Alexander Skarsgard is On the Prowl

...ew, sicko, no! Not with these girls. They were just the bait. And don\'t let my title fool you. Alex isn\'t the one stalking people. All of the single, desperate ladies in New York are the ones who are doing the hunting. ... [Full Story]

Alexander Skarsgard is Single. Even I\'m Interested.

Now, I am 100% straight but even I am starting to get a little excited at the thought of Alexander Skarsgard being single. \"True Blood\'s\" Swedish hunk has separated from Kate Bosworth and is apparently on the prowl. Why can\'t I be a 5\'8\" hot blonde?!?! .. I mean... I\'m manly. During a July 21 Film District bash at Comic-Con in San Diego, the actor, 34, flirted with a brunette and ... [Full Story]

Alexander Skarsgard is T-Rexing

Apparently, running like a special-ed T-Rex is completely normal in Sweden. But like most things that originate in Scandinavian countries, that\'s just messed up. This \"True Blood\" star might want to sexy it up during his workouts if he wants his fangirls to squee over him like they normally do. ... [Full Story]

Eric Northman is Officially Bill\'s

In an effort to raise money for charity, or possibly to make fangirls swoon until they faint, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard got together and wore some pretty pink tee shirts ... about being each other\'s b****. Judging by Alexander\'s face, Bill was the clear winner of the tee shirt contest. ... [Full Story]

True Blood Season 3 Premiered Last Night!

For all of your Truebies (and the non-gay fans of True Blood who didn\'t fantastically name themselves)... Season 3 premiered last night at 9PM! Alan Ball\'s magnificent vampire creation, which beats the tar out of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and any other fanged show, hit the ground running for their 2010 summer season. Not even an hour into the third season of the series and we\'ve seen ... [Full Story]

True Blood is Going to be Delicious

JUNE 13th cannot come soon enough. In case you\'ve missed out on one of the best new HBO series - True Blood is coming back on June 13th in a whirlwind of awesome plotlines. And if you are familiar with the show - yep - that\'s Sookie and Eric. After the season finale shocker of Bill Compton getting kidnapped after proposing to Sookie Stackhouse, it left fans wondering... who did it, why ... [Full Story]