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Ali Larter Strikes Again

Lately, Ali Larter has been ignoring her need for bras. Now, she is tossing off her panties in public. True, they are the spandex spanky panties that tennis players wear to keep balls in (no, for real). But it\'s just as slutty. If I want to see a woman fish around in her panties while playing tennis I\'ll just watch one of the Williams sisters. ... ... or not. ... [Full Story]

Ali Larter is Free As a Bird

I\'m not sure how so many celebrities forget their bras before going out in public (I\'m looking at you, too, Chaz Bono). That\'s one of the most basic parts of the wardrobe - it\'s Underwear Part II for women. I don\'t mind when there is a little pokey every now and then, but it makes me think that most of the world is dreadfully forgetful. Even the amazing Ali Larter. ... [Full Story]

Why Doesn\'t Ali Larter Do Anything Anymore?

It\'s a real shame that Ali Larter hasn\'t done anything significant since her days on \"Heroes.\" She is obviously too hot to not be on television. I fear for all of the boners she is preventing by staying out of the public eye. It\'s just so sad. :( ... [Full Story]

Ali Larter Got Married, Too

I can\'t help but wish Mark Wahlberg and Ali Larter married each other, so I could just write one post instead of two. Celebrities are always making my life harder, but anyway, People says: In a picture perfect East Coast wedding, Heroes actress Ali Larter wed her longtime actor beau Hayes MacArthur at his family estate in Kennebunkport, Maine on Saturday evening, her rep confirms ... [Full Story]

This Movie Should be Good Part 2

I really have nothing to say in this post that I didn\'t say in the one below. Only difference is you get vanilla ice cream instead of a twisty cone. Enjoy the pictures of Ali Larter. ... [Full Story]

The Insanely Hot Girls of Heroes Like You\'ve Never Seen

Heroes just came back on yesterday, so I thought this was an appropriate post. Ali Larter, Hayden Panettiere, Dania Ramirez, and Kristen Bell are some of the hottest girls alive, and they\'re all in the same show. Well, except Kristen Bell since Sylar decided to take her brain but let\'s just pretend that didn\'t happen. Check out the full versions of these images below. Then go prove you\'re ... [Full Story]

Ali Larter Likes Dogs

Ali Larter, from the hit series Heroes, was spotted on the beach with her two dogs and boyfriend, Hayes MacArthur. The photogs didn\'t really care much about him because, well, who the hell does? I wish I was there. She has a great body and probably smells nice like a spiderman air freshener. ... [Full Story]

Ali Larter from Heroes Is Now Engaged

Well, it's official, Ali Larter is marrying her boyfriend... some nobody actor named Hayes MacArthur. Yea, I never heard of him either. I'm just a little upset that the chick from "Heroes" who's famous for the whipped cream scene from that movie Varsity Blues is going to be taken forever. People magazine reports: Heroes star Ali Larter and her longtime boyfriend, actor Hayes MacArthur, got ... [Full Story]

The Edited Version of Ali Larter's Nipple Slip!

Editing out an Ali Larter nipple slip is like letting a little kid run up to the to Mona Lisa in the Louvre and rub crayon all over her face. And that's just what TMZ did when they caught Ali's nipple slip (at about 19 seconds into the above video) while she was outside of The Green Door in Hollywood last night. Indeed, it's a tragedy... but I also see it as a beacon of hope, because it's ... [Full Story]

Ali Larter in Red Dress at Emmy Awards 2007

Ali Larter is looking sexy in her red dress at the 2007 Emmy Awards show on the red carpet. ... [Full Story]

Ali Larter Is a Delicate "Marigold" Amidst the Wasteland

Ali Larter, more commonly known as NBC's Heroes bad-girl Niki Sanders, was seen at a press conference for her new movie Marigold which released this week looking mega hot in a little blue dress. I have to let you all in on a little celebrity secret of mine... I've been in love with Ali Larter for years now, regardless of her new-found primetime fame with this whole Heroes gig. ... [Full Story]