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Alyssa Milano is Huge. Not Going to Lie.

I can\'t even attempt to be mean right now - all I can do is pity Alyssa Milano\'s body and imagine what it will look like once it eventually expels the fully formed human living within it. And when I say fully formed, I mean it\'s basically 5\' tall. There is no other explanation for her being Godzilla. ... [Full Story]

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Alyssa Milano Are Helpful

During the holidays, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alyssa Milano took time out of their busy \"being rich and famous\" schedules to help out with the less fortunate. The two sexy gals volunteers at the Los Angeles Mission to bring those experiencing tough times, like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, some comfort food during the holidays. ... [Full Story]

Alyssa Milano is Still Super Cute

So there you have it, folks. Alyssa Milano is still super hot. Maybe it\'s because I\'ll always think of her as that chick from Who\'s The Boss.... but it doesn\'t matter. These new, hot celebrities like Heidi Montag and Kim Kardashian will never measure up to her amazingness. I LOVE YOU ALYSSA! Please drop the restraining order??? ... [Full Story]

Alyssa Milano is Still the Boss (of my pants)

Alyssa Milano was one of the few child stars who grew up to be really hot and still famous. I think she just wrote a book about baseball or life or maybe both. Not exactly sure, I was too busy staring at her body. I assembled this ridiculously hot gallery of Alyssa pictures for your viewing pleasure, so please check them out so it wasn\'t all in vain. It\'s worth it, seriously. ... [Full Story]

Alyssa Milano Hangs Out at Baseball Fields

Here\'s Alyssa Milano trying to score some rich baseball guys since Who\'s the Boss? got canceled 50 years ago. No, not really. She\'s pimping out her new boutique at Citi Field called Touch Boutique. Apparently it\'s a sports line for girls, but I\'m not sure. Do I look like a girl? Don\'t answer that. ... [Full Story]

Alyssa Milano Apparently Writes Books Now

I was under the impression that being hot was Alyssa Milano\'s only skill since being in the Academy Award winning \"Who\'s the Boss?\" series. The book is called \"Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic\" which I can only assume is about wearing a condom when you have sex with a baseball player. Not for sure, but my sources are typically very reliable. ... [Full Story]

Alyssa Milano is Still the Boss

I realize the title above is both predictable and lame, but it\'s just been one of those days. I\'m hoping Alyssa Milano and her awesome dress will help lift me out of this funk. Anyway, she was at the Victoria\'s Secret After Party where she had no choice but to look awesome since she knew models would be prancing all around in their underwear and there\'s no way she wanted to be the washed up ... [Full Story]

Alyssa Milano Drops a Completely Useless Court Case

It seems that Alyssa Milano won\'t be found axe murdered in her home anytime soon. At least that\'s what TMZ is saying: The court was notified Milano was dropping the permanent injunction case against Jeff Turner. Milano claimed Turner \"has repeatedly shown up to my place of residence ... hiking miles through the hills to reach my property,\" adding, \"I fear for my personal safety, and ... [Full Story]

Alyssa Milano is Still the Boss

Alyssa Milano showed her child star face at the premiere of Yes Man, sporting a new haircut which makes her look like a cross between Jordana Brewster and any girl in China. I\'m not complaining, I like it. ... [Full Story]

Tony Danza Raised A Fine Young Woman

You know, I was looking at these Alyssa Milano pics from the San Sebastian Film Festival yesterday and other than the fact that the former Who's The Boss-er is extremely hot as usual... I thought to myself, there's something about her that's getting old. At first, I thought it was the clothes she was wearing, and although the jeans and tucked-in shirt may add a few years to her look, it was ... [Full Story]

I Would Show Alyssa Milano Who's The Boss!

Alyssa Milano was promoting her "Touch" clothing line yesterday. The key element of her brand is to offer a type of clothing that would allow women to support their favorite sports team without sacrificing their sexiness to do it... if that's possible. Seeing Alyssa wear her own sports clothing makes me want to take the former Who's the Boss? star home with me so I can give her a little Tony ... [Full Story]