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Amanda Seyfried is Serious About Working Out. And Not Wearing a Bra.

Amanda Seyfried loves working out (you can tell by the tight package she has going on). But she doesn\'t want you to know. In fact, just by looking at her, you would think that during the workout she killed her mother via strangulation. With her bra. Since she oh so obviously not wearing one. ... [Full Story]

Amanda Seyfried is Getting More and More Attractive

Amanda Seyfried is looking hotter to me every day... and it\'s not really because of her looks (which are fine), the main reason why is because she is literally now acting like a porn star. She was in West Hollywood last night filming scenes for the biopic about 70s porn-star Linda Lovelace. I know nothing about biopics about porn stars, but I assume that you are going to see some people doing ... [Full Story]

Amanda Seyfried Was Enjoying the November Heat

Because there is nothing better to do in November than sit around in a bikini, that\'s exactly what Amanda Seyfried did in Miami, Florida, the other day. I\'m not complaining since she made weird faces and bent over a few times. It does make me wonder what some of these celebrities do for money, though. When I sit around and eat chips and dream about buying Skyrim, I don\'t make any money. :( ... [Full Story]

Amanda Seyfried is My Favorite Dog Walker

I\'m not sure what Amanda Seyfried has been doing recently (aside from walking her adorable Australian Shepherd)... but I can forgive her for not taking off her top in a saucy lesbian independent film. Just look at how cute she is with her puppy! She even has a frumpy dog walking outfit and everything. xoxo ... [Full Story]

Amanda Seyfried Has Panic Attacks

In an interview with the UK version of Glamour magazine, Amanda Seyfried confessed that she has been having panic attacks because of ... interviews. Hopefully she wasn\'t breathing into a sack and crouching under a desk as she gave the interview: She feels anxious ahead of premieres and live interviews and shes sought professional help to combat her issues. \"That\'s been such a great ... [Full Story]

Amanda Seyfried Loves Herself a Dead Horse

Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe were recently in Paris, but they weren\'t doing anything remotely romantic (or what most circles would consider romantic). No, they were out buying a dead horse. Yay? \"I bought a dead horse. I love good taxidermy, it\'s like art. A lot of people think it\'s weird but I don\'t know why.\" \"This is my second one. Like full animal, I have animal parts. I ... [Full Story]

Amanda Seyfried is a Dumb Diva

For a while, I thought that Amanda Seyfried was the type of celebrity that you could proud of. She isn\'t too hot, but isn\'t too ugly. She can sing, but she isn\'t TOO talented. She was perfect. Until, at least, she started racking up more movie roles and became a heinous B. While she was in London after the premiere of Red Riding Hood, she received a parking ticket. Her response to said ticket ... [Full Story]

Put On Some Clothes, Amanda Seyfried!

Technically, she is fully clothed, but some part of my brain can\'t process spandex as acceptable articles of clothing to wear out in public, near children and puppies. This should be the standard: if I NO LONGER have to imagine what you\'d look like naked - it\'s not really clothing. Bikinis? Not clothing. Spandex? Not clothing. Skanky dresses that leave no room for imagination? Not ... [Full Story]

Amanda is a Pretty Bird, Maybe Psychotic

Amanda Seyfried looked beautiful at the premiere of Letters to Juliet (some stupid movie about some stupid love letter). But that was in between looking completely loony and pretending to be a bird(?). If Amanda is going to make it in Hollywood, she needs to realize that she must be a b*tch without emotions at all times. Either that, or she needs to start dressing very provocatively. My ... [Full Story]

Did Miss Seyfried Turn 30 Recently?

I was under the impression that Amanda Seyfried was in her 20s, but judging by these pictures, she is apparently 35. Either she picked the worst outfit for her body or she aged about 5 years in two months time. I need to know kind of quickly, because I\'ll be collecting my nobel peace price soon if I can figure out if Amanda is some sort of time traveling demon. Her new movie Letters ... [Full Story]

Amanda Seyfried is Attractive. I Think.

Amanda Seyfried is just one of those girls that confuse me - I can\'t decide if she is hot or just another creepy chick in makeup. Like Taylor Swift: hot? ugly? a little bit on the retarded side? The photos of Amanda Seyfried in Esquire magazine prove her to be a fair amount of hot, so for now, I won\'t be ashamed of becoming painfully aroused by her. It\'s much less embarrassing than that ... [Full Story]