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The Last Pictures Taken of Amy Winehouse - Ever

As you can see from the photo above, Amy Winehouse didn\'t always look so coked up and awful. In fact, she might have been considered attractive once. The last known pictures taken of her are posted in the gallery below. She looked surprisingly well. I cannot possibly imagine what happened to make her get a little drug happy... Her very last performance was an entirely different story - at ... [Full Story]

Amy Winehouse - Dead at Age 27

... okay, so basically, anything colorful I say is going to sound insulting - so I will start with this: Amy Winehouse was found dead yesterday. The 27 year old\'s death is still \"unexplained\" according to Scotland Yard. A statement was issued saying, \"At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained and there have been no arrests in connection with the incident.\" Scotland ... [Full Story]

Who is This Attractive Woman?

This can\'t possibly be Amy Winehouse, right? Actually looking attractive and not like a radioactive spider that rolled around in a bowl of cocaine? (Just let that imagery sink in and you\'ll agree.) I have to say that this is a vast improvement after her last \"like a corpse\" look... but quit confusing me Amy. Be either ugly or hot, because I just can\'t take this much longer. :( ... [Full Story]

Amy Winehouse Pleads Guilty to Assault

Amy Winehouse and her box of crazy plead guilty to assault yesterday, resulting in her being fined the equivalent of 9 cents for a normal person. The AP reports: Amy Winehouse pleaded guilty Wednesday to drunkenly assaulting a theater manager at a family Christmas show and was ordered to pay her victim 185 pounds ($300) in compensation. The judge also gave the soul diva a conditional ... [Full Story]

Amy Winehouse Pleads Retarded

Amy Winehouse was in court yesterday for assaulting a fan last year. Her plea was not guilty. AP reports: Winehouse, who has been in and out of rehab, looked healthier than in recent appearances and appeared to be in good spirits. She covered her bosom in faux modesty as she entered the courtroom. Once inside the City of Westminster Magistrates\' Court, she confirmed her name and date of ... [Full Story]

Chris Brown is Not Alone

In case Chris Brown was feeling like it was a case of him against the world, Amy WineHouse stepped up today and got charged with assault. Sources say: The ever-troubled singer was charged today for allegedly assaulting a fan during an incident last year. Wino allegedly smacked around a woman who had the audacity to ask Amy for her picture. She\'ll be back in court March 17. These two ... [Full Story]

Amy Winehouse Seems to be Improving

Just a quick update from the Sun, letting us all know Amy Winehouse is normal again: Wasted Amy Winehouse is reduced to crawling up to holidaymakers and grabbing their drinks — after fed-up resort staff refused to serve her. The sneaky singer also begs guests to order booze for her at the all-inclusive Caribbean resort. This was in St. Lucia. Not that I could ever afford such a ... [Full Story]

Amy Winehouse is Getting Divorced, Probably

People magazine has discovered through caniving and trickery that Amy Winehouse is getting divorced. Just kidding. Not about the divorce part, but the caniving and trickery part. Anyway: Blake Fielder-Civil has instructed a lawyer to file papers. \"I can confirm that I have been instructed to commence divorce proceedings on the grounds of Amy\'s adultery,\" Henri Brandman told PEOPLE ... [Full Story]

Amy Winhouse is Getting Divorced

A News of the World article has revealed that not only are Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil divorcing, but the raunchy details as well: “Mostly it was Blake suggesting new things but Amy doesn’t need encouragement. They were like animals, at it all the time. “Just like they were with drugs, they pushed themselves to the limit. “They were into threesomes. It was Blake’s idea ... [Full Story]

Amy Winehouse is an F\'n Monster

You don\'t know how bad I want to say these are Halloween pictures of Amy Winehouse. But I\'m sad to report they were taken yesterday in Camden. I\'m considering contacting all of my community spiritual leaders and trying to put together some kind of joint prayer to have God or any gods that might be listening strike this bitch down. She can\'t possibly be safe or sanitary to the rest of us ... [Full Story]

Amy Winehouse Continues to Be Clinically Insane

A video from TMZ shows Amy Winhouse smashing some random woman in the face with a bag containing money, crack, and crack money. On one of her usual drama filled strolls through the streets of London, Wino smashed a glass bottle at the feet of some passing paps, then socked some woman in the face with her handbag when the lady tried to confront her. There\'s not much to say about this ... [Full Story]

Someone Spiked Amy Winehouse's Drink

The other day, Amy Winehouse was taken to the hospital after consuming a dangerous mix of drugs. Winehouse’s father, Mitch, believes that someone spiked his daughter’s drink with ecstasy. Worse yet, he thinks it may have been a friend. And Mitch has vowed his revenge. It’s just like a Steven Seagal movie, except this started before 3AM. From The Sun: He’s certain someone put E in Amy’s ... [Full Story]