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AnnaLynne McCord is Very Special

Most of the time when I see pictures of Annalynne McCord, I feel like ripping off her clothes using my teeth. After seeing the above picture, I just want to make sure she holds my hand when we cross the street and no one lets her eat too much sugar. She is one special lady, my friends. ... [Full Story]

AnnaLynne McCord is Hot in a Trucker\'s Hat!

AnnaLynne McCord hasn\'t been up to much professionally... unless you count her professional-level whorishness. (However, I think she does this kind of stuff for free.) Here she is playing volleyball in a teeny tiny bikini (not regulation size, I\'m sure) and a trucker hat. She gets points for effort. ... [Full Story]

Annalynne McCord Enjoyed Herself a Popsicle.

First lesson in Hot Girls 101:Eat penis-shaped foods. It doesn\'t even matter if it\'s for a meal or just for fun. If you\'re putting something in your mouth, it better look like male genitalia.I imagine that\'s what they tell budding hot girls in 8th grade, but they separated us from the girls during sex education, so I can\'t be certain. I don\'t really mind that I\'m paying attention to a ... [Full Story]

90210 Has Gotten Really Good This Season

It seems like \"90210\" is getting really deep this season. Covering AnnaLynne McCord in Nickelodeon-style goo, while still making her look as slutty as possible? Genius. Next, she just needs to get naked and hook up with some other hot, female cast member on the show while wearing a monkey suit. That would be perfect. ... [Full Story]

AnnaLynne McCord Got Egged, Too.

Is this a new celebrity trend that I\'m missing out on? Is it cool to assault these people in public? I mean, I\'m definitely in but I better check this out on, or else I\'m going to end up getting arrested for no one\'s amusement. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and now AnnaLynne. This is turning out to be a pretty good summer for eggin\'. ... [Full Story]

AnnaLynne McCord and a Wolf. For Reals.

No one cares about \"90210.\" But everyone cares about hot chicks playing with wild animals and kissing them straight on the mouth. And that\'s just what AnnaLynne McCord did to a fully grown wolf on the set of \"90210.\" Why? Who cares. This hot chick is frenching a wolf. A WOLF. ... [Full Story]

AnnaLynne McCord is a Nerd

I wholeheartedly thank whatever force on this Earth that forced AnnaLynne McCord to dress like one of the Na\'vi from \"Avatar.\" Not only does it fulfill my desire to be attracted to a hot, blue alien... but it also will hopefully drop AnnaLynne down a peg or two so she\'ll start returning my phone calls. ... [Full Story]

AnnaLynne is One Hot Alien

This is a sad fact that I need to acknowledge: no amount of kiss blowing or bikini wearing is going to make me forget how alien AnnaLynne McCord looks with her dumbo ears. She must not understand her predicament, either, since she opted to slick back her hair into the tightest ponytail humanly possible. But if you\'re into alien elephants blowing you kisses.. then HO HO, this is the gallery for ... [Full Story]

AnnaLynne McCord Seems Fun

Since she literally has nothing else to do - AnnaLynne McCord stood around all day today in her bikini. And unlike most other slackers (that end up living in their grandmother\'s basement on a futon) - she looked really good. like, really, really good. Even though she has this little elven ears, I would still consider dating her. I mapped her genes using that old brush I found of hers and we\'d ... [Full Story]

Forget Kissing Cousins

So sisters kissing is cool in theory.... but actually seeing it reminds me of some strange laws and the fact that these two girls have the same parents and genes. And used to open Christmas gifts together dressed in footie pajamas. Don\'t get me wrong, AnnaLynne kissing her sister Angel seems kind of awesome... but it\'s just the chewy center of a Tootsie-Pop of wrong. So I think I\'m going ... [Full Story]

AnnaLynne is On the Beach

Blowing kisses at the camera? NO WAY! AnnaLynne, you are such a creative superstar. I never would have seen that one coming!!! In all seriousness, she needs to stop. She is no longer a tween trying to act all cute. She is all grown up, and while it was awesome for the first year, I\'m kind of tired of all of the kissy faces. I\'m desensitized to your lips, AL. At least you are okay to ... [Full Story]

AnnaLynne Tries to Woo Me

AnnaLynne McCord needs to realize that I can\'t just hop on a plane and fly out to sunny California if she decides she wants me to on a whim. I see the way she is blowing kisses directly at me via the paparazzo photo, but I have commitments. Who would feed my goldfish? Who would record the episodes of Caprica I\'d be missing??? It\'s just impossible for us to be together, Anna. I think that ... [Full Story]