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Anne Hathaway is the Lesbian You Want to Sleep With

Why do people hate Anne Hathaway? I\'ve seen The Princess Diaries at LEAST 26 times and I\'m pretty sure I would kill someone in order to have one pleasant conversation with Ms. Hathaway... even if she is doing her best butch lesbian impression. (She is failing by the way, since she is still prettier than my cousin Tina.) ... [Full Story]

Classy Anne Hathaway Flashes Her Crotch at Les Mis Premiere

Nothing says CLASS like displaying your vagina at the premiere of the movie adaptation of one of the most beloved musicals of all time. At the premiere of Les Miserables in NYC, Anne Hathaway slid out of her limo, displaying her nether regions ... and strange bondage boots. Normally, this would please me... but don\'t you dare taint Les Mis for me, Anne. Don\'t you dare. ... [Full Story]

Hello, Catwoman. Nice to Meet You.

Be still my heart (and vital parts of my pants) - new promotional photos for \"Dark Knight Rises\" have been released... and they are Catwoman-tastic. Sure, the studio also released pictures of Bane and Batman, but they aren\'t hot women in a leather jumpsuit with kitty ears. The internet demands tribute for anything hot woman or cat related... combine the two and everything just explodes. ... [Full Story]

Anne Hathaway Makes Poor Choices.

An actress who cuts her hair butch-short for a role (but still manages to look cute) is awesome. An actress who does it for no apparent reason and then goes to a club called The Box after doing it is obviously a lesbian. Anne Hathaway... I had such high hopes for you. High. Hopes. ... [Full Story]

Who the Heck is This

Recently, Anne Hathaway decided to accept the proposal of a nobody. Adam Shulman. He is a bearded, personality-less actor that I don\'t even want to learn the name of because I cannot believe he is stealing Anne away from the world. Low-key Shulman was initially Hathaway\'s rebound romance after the messy end of her four-year romance with Raffaello Follieri in mid-2008. \"We hit it off ... [Full Story]

I Hate Celebrities

This is exactly why smart people hate celebrities. Anne Hathaway was spotted at Occupy Wall Street toting a sign that read \"Blackboards not Bullets.\" Now let me ask, Anne, what the f*ck does that have to do with the United States\' economy or financial crisis? Am I missing something? Is OWS just an excuse for hippies to protest whatever the hell they feel like protesting? Oh. It IS? Grand. ... [Full Story]

Pictures of Anne Hathaway\'s Full Catwoman Outfit

They were able to keep what Catwoman would look like in \"The Dark Knight Rises\" pretty hush hush until now. I was expecting some kind of uber-modern Catwoman with a very grungy, rebooted outfit. But now, the cat\'s out of the bag. (See what I did there?) The outfit is an all-black leather jumpsuit and kitty ears. I would say I\'m disappointed, but the outfit is pretty tight. So I\'m satisfied ... [Full Story]

Catwoman Destroys an IMAX Camera

The Catwoman stunt double for \"Batman: The Dark Knight Rises\" recently screwed the pooch. While filming an action scene, she plowed into a cameraman who was holding a wildly expensive IMAX camera. The budget for the film may now jump at least six figures. At least the budget for this movie is already huge. Maybe the producers will make up for the broken camera cost by firing the Catwoman ... [Full Story]

Anne Hathaway WILL Punch You

Heed these words: thou shalt beware Anne Hathaway. Apparently, she will punch the living daylights out of you and only reward you with an ink pen for your trouble: A source said: \"Anne got a bit carried away during a fight scene and mistakenly shoved the butt of the gun right into the actor\'s eye socket. He came away with a massive black eye - Anne was mortified.\" Catwoman should stick ... [Full Story]

So Seriously - What Was Wrong with James Franco?

It was blindingly obvious on Sunday, but in case you didn\'t notice, James Franco didn\'t give a crap about the Oscars. He even told Vanity Fair that he didn\'t care if he turned out to be a bad host, if it was \"the worst Oscars show ever.\" He even decided to skip his own after party and flew back to NYC. Anne probably wasn\'t pleased: A source tells Us Weekly that Anne Hathaway, 28, and ... [Full Story]

The Academy Awards Were Kind of Awkward

Although there were some high points to the 83rd Academy Awards (like seeing Scarlett Johansson look absolutely amazing)... most of it consisted of poorly constructed skits and musical numbers. And what was Anne Hathaway? Was she high and fawning all over James Franco or was it just me? (Even when he was cross dressing.) If there is one thing to take away from the show... it\'s that \"The ... [Full Story]

The New Catwoman in Town

It looks like the casting schmucks at Warner Bros. have finally done something right for \"Batman\" (aside from casting Heath Ledger in the most epic role ever): Anne Hathaway is the new feline-related villain (?). Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that Anne Hathaway has been cast as Selina Kyle in Christopher Nolan\'s \"The Dark Knight Rises.\" She will be starring alongside Christian ... [Full Story]