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Ashley Greene is a Red Head Now.

Ashley Greene now has red hair. And the cute kind of red, too. Not the kind where you think she might not have a soul and her skin is one big freckle (which can still be cute by the way - Deborah Ann Woll, I\'m looking at you). It must be freeing to be no longer changed to the ridiculousness that is the Twilight movie series... ... [Full Story]

Ashley Greene Wears Ugly Rompers

What is a romper you ask? Well, it is one ugly piece of clothing that women have been insisting on wearing this summer. They look uncomfortable, they aren\'t flattering and they are available in the worst floral patterns known to man. I thought that Ashley Greene would be hot enough to avoid this trend, but sadly she is stupid. Like most girls. ... [Full Story]

Ashley Greene is Awesome, Even for a Twilight Actress

I will never forgive Robert Pattinson for being in \"Twilight.\" Ashley Greene, on the other hand, I would still beg let me stay in her dumpster. Twilight-schmilight. She is a perfect goddess who should strongly consider moving into my closet so she can be near my Ashley Greene shrine. ... [Full Story]

Ashley Greene is With Chris Evans Now. Sorry Mr. Jonas.

Poor Joe Jonas will never stack up to Ashley Greene\'s new lay. It appears that the Twilight ho has focused her energies on the new Captain America, Chris Evans: But Chris Evans, who stars as the titular superhero in the upcoming action flick, was focused on one lady in particular Tuesday night at Trousdale Lounge in L.A.: Twilight star Ashley Greene. \"They were flirtatious and dancing ... [Full Story]

Ashley Green Doesn\'t Want Joe Jonas

Let\'s cut to the chase, here: hookers don\'t like nice guys. And I assume (since he is gay and everything) Joe Jonas is a nice guy. That\'s why Ashley kicked him to the curb: A source told PEOPLE at the time that Jonas was \"head over heels\" for Greene. They remained an item through the winter, most recently celebrating Greene\'s 24th birthday last month in Las Vegas. In recent weeks ... [Full Story]

... Nothing to See Here, Folks

This isn\'t that amazing. I mean, really. It\'s just two extremely young, beautiful starlets playing with each other in the rain. In fact, I\'m a little bored *yawn* just writing about this. Especially since the \"Twilight\" star was only wearing lace leggings, which barely pass for pants. I mean. BORING, right? ... [Full Story]

Ashley Greene Only Owns Spandex

Ridiculously good looking person Ashley Greene must not own any other summer clothing aside from spandex. I wouldn\'t complain, but I know a thing or two about yeast infections... so I really hope that she is making she at least changes her undapants after the gym. Because that situation could get shady, fast. Now that that health lesson is over - it seems like she is doing well, even with ... [Full Story]

Ashley Greene Loves the ESPYS

Why anyone as hot and Twilight-related as Ashley Greene should like the ESPY awards is a complete mystery. She is a girl so completely unrelated to the whole award ceremony that it\'s really mind boggling. Most likely, the producers of Twilight feel so guilty about unleashing that retarded crap-fest out onto the world, they pimp out their own talent to other awards to make them fractionally as ... [Full Story]

Ashley Greene is Promiscuous

If I wouldn\'t have jumped the fence 4 years ago, I would have to report my boner-induced wrong doings to my Amish leader, Eric Yoder... because Ashley Greene\'s promiscuity is almost suffocating. Not only is she sweating profusely (but in a cute way)- but she is also fanning her stomach by lifting up her shirt made of transparent gauze. I swear, they\'re teaching these celebusluts how to ... [Full Story]

Ashley Greene Should Know Better

I hoped that sooner or later the only one Twilight star worth of worship, Ashley Greene, would take herself out of the game. Meth addiction, a solo boat trip around the world, marriage to me, or whatever. Just as long as she doesn\'t have to be associated with R-Patz and his Pattison ilk. At least there are only a few movies left... sooner or later it\'ll get to the 5th one where **SPOILER** ... [Full Story]

Ashley Greene Needs to Knock it Off

What does my future fiancee think she is doing out in public? She\'s walking around, looking incredible edible for the whole world? ... I obviously need to get better shackles for my basement kidnapping fortress - I mean - my love muffin\'s bedroom. Hanging around with douchebags like Kristen Stewart has obviously been affecting my dear, sweet, butter-bum\'s brain. Emo chicks who think they ... [Full Story]

Ashley Greene Makes the World a Better Place

I think this is one of the Twilight chicks and OMG I cannot believe Kristen Stewart is more famous than her. K-Stew cannot hold a freakin\' candle to the hotness that is Ashley Greene. Not not mention she can rock hipster sunglasses and boots like nobody\'s business. If Rob-Patz wanted to pretend to be straight with someone, it should have been with Ashley Greene. Silly gay man! ... [Full Story]