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Ashley Tisdale Puts Her Body in a Bikini for Us.

If you\'re a celebrity and you knowingly wear a bikini in public (let\'s not count all of the strange trips you end up naked at Ralph\'s) then you are doing it for attention. There is no shame in causing strangers to have bitter boners in your honor, but let\'s not try to mask it. So here is Ashley Tisdale out recruiting hard-ons with her business friend and fuzzy dog. COOL. ... [Full Story]

Dogs are Accessories Now.

Who knew that you could buy living things and use them as accessories? I figured PETA or the Humane Society would be upset about using dogs as just a piece of jewelry... but since Ashley Tisdale is so brazenly doing it, it must be okay! I need to go buy a Chow Chow to sling across my back. I always thought my look could use more \"fluffy dog.\" ... [Full Story]

Ashley Tisdale Invents a New Hairstyle for Women.

I have a question for the world. Why do women think that gathering all of their hair in a slicked-back bun on the crown of their head is an acceptable hair style? I might not have all of that, but I know what looks good. And what looks good is not looking like a lazy college student who hasn\'t showered in a week. Girls: if you\'re going to go to the gym, don\'t do what Ashley Tisdale did. Don\'t ... [Full Story]

Ashley Tisdale is Typecasted

\"HMM, now who in Hollywood can we cast in a movie that tweens will love and fits the stereotypical high school b*tch role?\"... DING DING DING! Ashley Tisdale is our winner! Originally made famous in High School Musical (1-15), she is now cast in some other gay high school movie. At least they are starting to cast people that are a high schoolers age for these projects... when Buffy the ... [Full Story]

Ashley Tisdale Goes Blond

I think Ashley Tisdale must\'ve gotten inspiration from Kristin Cavallari because she looks like a cheap knock-off of her now. Of course if you\'re going to aspire to look like someone, Kristin isn\'t the worst thing you could go for. My cousin Brenon has been trying to look like Mr. T for years. We keep telling him he\'s not black but he just doesn\'t believe us. ... [Full Story]

Hey, Who is That?

Just when you think you\'re lucky enough to find a hooker that doesn\'t have AIDS, it turns out it\'s just Ashley Tisdale dressed up like one, and last time I checked, you couldn\'t pay her for sex. I could be wrong though, I don\'t really keep up with these young stars as much as you might think. Too busy doing important things like sleeping and watching cartoons. ... [Full Story]

Ashley Tisdale Promotes her Second Album

Not sure how standing there and getting her picture taken actually promotes anything, but I\'m a world renowned blogger, not a marketing guru. Anyway, here\'s Ashley Tisdale promoting her album at Hotel de Las Letras in Madrid. ... [Full Story]

Ashley Tisdale Likes Blended Drinks

Up to this point, I\'ve always avoided galleries and candids of Ashley Tisdale because for one, I have no idea why she\'s famous, and for two, she looks like a little kid and I don\'t need anymore pedo claims on my record. That girl was just a midget, I swear. But anyway, I\'m breaking habit by posting these since she has a cool shirt on it and I actually Googled why she\'s famous. I still don\'t ... [Full Story]

High School Musical 3 Poster Revealed!

The promotional poster for High School Musical 3, the teen sensation starring Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and those three other background people, has been revealed. High School Musical 3 will take place during the studentsí senior year. It should encapsulate all the drama that comes along with being a senior, including prom, choosing a college, saying goodbye to close ... [Full Story]

Ashley Tisdale Shows Her New Nose to the World!

Ashley Tisdale, or as I like to call her, that chick from Disney's High School Musical who isn't Vanessa Hudgens, finally showed her new nose to the world for the first time after getting a new nose just two weeks ago. Us Magazine reports At the Z100 Jingle Ball concert to benefit Autism Speaks in New York City on December 14, the High School Musical star made her first public appearance since ... [Full Story]

Ashley Tisdale Gets a Nose Job!

It's official. Ashley Tisdale has joined the likes of Heidi Montag as one of those fake celebrities who has gotten a nose job. Ashley, a star of those Disney "High School Musical" movies exclusively told People magazine the following: "Growing up I always knew I had a deviated septum on the right side of my nose, which caused trouble breathing," a bandaged Tisdale told PEOPLE on Monday from ... [Full Story]

Those High School Musical Chicks Are Hot

Here's Disney's High School Musical stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale out shopping together yesterday. Seeing these two hot young ladies out and about makes me think of only one thing: imagine if these two were to join Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge in their Maxim lingerie shoot. Now that would be something. Until then, here they are being hot while fully clothed. By the ... [Full Story]