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Mila Kunis Can\'t Pick a Good Guy.

Sigh. Why can\'t good girls date good guys? Celebrity example: Mila Kunis was with the alien formerly-known-as MacCauley Culkin. The creature, now insane and not traditionally what you would consider a human being, dated Mila for a good eight years or so. After Mila came to her senses and broke up with him, I had hope. I thought the world was improving. But alas, she recently focused her sights ... [Full Story]

PopChips Pulled Their Commercial With Ashton Kutcher.

It\'s really hard to offend me... which is why I don\'t understand why PopChips pulled its new commercial with Ashton Kutcher. It features Ashton dressed up as many different people (white, white trash, Indian, etc)... and he is getting a lot of heat for it. True, he did nothing worse than what people do on SNL on a weekly basis, but of course everyone decided to be offended and call him a ... [Full Story]

That 70s Show is Now Reality.

Remember when \"That 70s Show\" was on the air and everyone was LULZ about Mila Kunis\'s character dating Ashton Kutcher\'s character, because it was such an absurd match. Who would date anyone THAT stupid? ... well, it turns out that Mila Kunis would. Although she denied rumors of the two hooking up, she was seen at LAX, going on vacation with Ashton. The guy who cheated on Demi Moore countless ... [Full Story]

You Cannot Possibly Be Serious, Punkd.

Since the world is now full of unoriginal a**holes and people who watch reality television like it\'s their legally-retarded job, MTV is bringing back \"Punk\'d.\" You know, that show where Ashton Kutcher acts like a total dick and pranks his celebrity friends. ... at least it will be better than any Real Housewives of ______ show. Jason Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher are still going to produce the ... [Full Story]

Ashton & Demi Announced Their Divorce

Well, we know this was coming. Poor Ashton and Demi. After months of the marriage being rumored to be in trouble - it turns out that it was. Ashton went to his Twitter to announce it because he is a child, but Demi released the following statement: \"It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton. As a woman, a mother and a wife there ... [Full Story]

Scientific Proof That Ashton and Demi Are Splitting Up

Nothing says \"divorce\" like making your cheating spouse move out of the house. True, no one from the moving company wanted to give up information (because technically Demi and Ashton could have just bought a chair for all we know), but I\'m just going to assume that there was a violent fight and Demi threw Ashton into (and through) a glass door, solidifying their break up. So sad. ... [Full Story]

Ashton Kutcher Banged Some Sara Leal Girl

Sara Leal is the girl (or one of the girls) at the center of the Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore cheating/divorce controversy. She, like the stupid girl she is, went to the press about her experience with Ashton. (People truly don\'t understand what discretion is anymore.) Basically, she thought that he was separated from his wife and everything seemed normal. Even the part where he patted himself ... [Full Story]

Ashton Kutcher Has a Sad Hat and a Sad Face

Now that everyone knows that he is a little cheat (and not as funny as Charlie Sheen was on \"Two and a Half Men\") - Ashton Kutcher is pretty depressed. I mean, look at that hat. No happy person buys such a squashed, hipster hat. ... [Full Story]

Ashton and Demi Are Turning to Kabbalah for Help

The only thing I know about Kabbalah is that Madonna can\'t get enough of it and it\'s some kind of Jewish mysticism. Sounds like a great time, right? (At least better than Scientology anyway.) Since Ashton and Demi have been facing marital \"Ashton is screwing lots of girls\" issues, they are now seeing a Kabbalah counselor. I\'m pretty sure it was Demi\'s idea. Ashton \"looked worried\" ... [Full Story]

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore May be Split Up But...

They\'re still following each other on Twitter. It\'s so sweet... their social media profiles that their assistants probably manage are still connected. Now THAT\'S romance, folks. ... [Full Story]

Charlie Says Ashton Will \"Kill It.\"

Charlie Sheen claims he\'s \"just as curious as everyone else\" to see the new \"Two and a Half Men\" next month. He insisted that \"I think Ashton\'s gonna kill it.\" And since I don\'t really understand sarcasm, I can\'t tell if he is being sincere. Charlie says he will be rooting for the new season, but he also said, \"It\'ll be nice to know that they get some carryover ratings from ... [Full Story]

Ashton Kutcher is Officially Going to Be on the Show

Ashton Kutcher appeared at the CBS Upfronts yesterday so that he could make everyone believe that he was actually going to be part of the show. Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones even seemed surprised that he showed. They also seemed a little hesitant to be working with Ashton Kutcher, even though he has to be better than the coke snorting Charlie Sheen. I wonder how the actors and fans alike will ... [Full Story]