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Audrina Patridge\'s Mom Will Blow Your Mind

Oh, so this is where Audrina Patridge got her looks. Her mother is so extremely hot that I temporarily forget about Audrina when I see this hot momma. Is it wrong to joke about a mother and daughter being sexy and incestuous? ... because I really, really want to. I would say something like \"I bet Audrina still breastfeeds.\" But only if it wasn\'t wrong. ... ... ... [Full Story]

Audrina Patridge Got Pwned

NOOOOOO! If anyone got injured on \"Dancing with the Stars\" ... it shouldn\'t have been Audrina. But it was! The whore! I mean, horror! Although, she did get off easy. Audrina only tweaked ... her ankle during rehearsals yesterday and she was tended to by on-set physicians. Since it\'s only a sprain, she should be back to dancing pretty soon. ... [Full Story]

Audrina Patridge to Dance All Over Your Heart

The best part of Audrina Patridge being on \"Dancing With the Stars\" is the potential back problems she is going to face. I\'m not sure how she will be able to jump around to feisty music with her current voluptuous body. I\'ll just hope for the best: latex outfits? Before her most recent rehearsal, she was looking peppy and pretty, so I\'ll be expecting the same kind of high class hot-ness ... [Full Story]

Audrina Patridge is Showing Some Bongos

In a recent photoshoot for Bongo, some magazine that I refuse to read, Audrina Patridge is looking mighty fine. She is made up, stuffed into leather outfits, and her boobs are hanging out just the way I like \'em. There isn\'t enough good said about washed up reality stars with amazing bodies and even MORE amazing chests. They should get a show all of their own... like Look What Happens to ... [Full Story]

I Will Never, Ever Understand Fashion

Oh, so ridiculous and ugly kindergarten fashions from 1990 are IN? God, I didn\'t get the memo. I\'m going to have to get out my mullet and Mickey Mouse sweater. Onesies with flower patterns aren\'t exactly in the \"hot\" or \"attractive\" category of clothing, so I\'m not sure what trick Audrina is pulling. Maybe she is just trying to shake off some of her loyal followers (\"stalkers,\" ... [Full Story]

What IS That?

I can\'t be too sure if Audrina Patridge is walking around with her boyfriend, a trendy girlfriend, or maybe a time traveling demon from the 80s. If what he has on his head is a hairstyle, then I\'m Ellen Degeneres... and I\'m nowhere NEAR manly enough to be Ellen. 100% of things about this man is clearly wrong and Audrina must be out of her mind. Then again, he kind of looks good with ... [Full Story]

Audrina Doing What She Does Best

It looks like the future-unemployment is really hitting Audrina Patridge, The Hills star, pretty hard. I bet she can barely struggle out of bed to put her massive chest into a tiny bikini anymore. You can just read the sorrow on her jugs. Not seeing her face on tv won\'t hinder my posting pictures of her glorious body. True, her face looks like a droopy basset hound, but no one cares about a ... [Full Story]

The Hills Girls Canceled But the Girls Live On

The Hills finally got the axe and will no longer be ruining lives everywhere, but the girls are undeniably sexy. Check out this video and the pictures below to see what I mean. ... [Full Story]

The Hills Finally Gets the Axe

Thank God for some television executives with a brain - \"The Hills\" will go off the air after Season 6. I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief, knowing we won\'t have to see that flesh-beard for long. On Thursday morning, MTV announced that the reality show starring Heidi Montag, Spencer and Stephanie Pratt, Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby, will be canceled after its sixth ... [Full Story]

Audrina Patridge\'s Body in FHM

Audrina Patridge is good for one thing and one thing only - and that is displaying her body for the world to defile while splashing around in ice cold water. Thankfully, she does that very well and quite often. Her appearance in FHM was just what I needed to make this boring winter go faster. I could easily not come out of my house for 2 weeks after this. And that\'s not weird. We all have ... [Full Story]

Audrina\'s Stalker Needs to be Nicer

On Tuesday, Audrina Patridge\'s stalker pleaded not guilty at his court hearing regarding that whole \"illegal obsession\" he has with Audrina. The main problem with his following the starlet around and stealing her garbage was his violation of the restraining order that Ms. Patridge obtained against him last year. Zachary Loring didn\'t behave too well in court, most likely because he is ... [Full Story]

Audrina Patridge Out and About

Here\'s Audrina Patridge out in California, trying her hardest to look like a Megan Fox/Angelina Jolie hybrid. She does a pretty good job of it, but sorta borders on underweight cancer patient status in the first one. A bit too skinny, but that\'s nothing a week trapped in a McDonald\'s due to a zombie apocalypse couldn\'t fix. ... [Full Story]