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Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Are Increasing Their D-Bag Levels.

90% of society hates Avril Lavigne... but 99% of society hates Chad Kroeger even more (which we didn\'t think would be possible). According to People: Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger\'s relationship has been so quiet that few even knew they were dating. Now, after a six-month courtship, the Canadian rockers are engaged to be married, Lavigne\'s rep tells People ... [Full Story]

Avril Lavigne Got Thrashed

Ahhh - you gotta love awful celebrities getting their a** handed to them. Avril Lavigne got into a fight early Monday morning at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. After the incident, she tweeted, \"I got attacked by 5 people last night out of nowhere. Not cool. My face is f*cked.\" To be fair to the assailants, Avril has a past of being a mouthy, whiny faux celebrity... so in one respect ... [Full Story]

Avril Lavigne is Workin the Butt Crack

And who said Avril Lavigne wasn\'t the epitome of sexiness? Judging by the butt crack, she probably has a decent bottom. Is she particularly appealing as she digs for gold? Well, no. But that doesn\'t mean if you close your eyes real tight you can\'t pretend she is someone else. See? Sexy! ... [Full Story]

Avril Lavigne is Unique and Stuff

These pictures are cool because I had no idea Avril Lavigne was 3\'7\" tall, but the image above doesn\'t lie. Anyway, she\'s dressed all different and unique and crap when she\'d get a lot farther ahead wearing much less like fellow little person, Hayden Panettiere. It took her a while to come around, i.e. turn 18, but now she\'s always dressing like a little circus ho. Avril should take notice. ... [Full Story]

Avril Lavigne Looks So Pretty

I haven\'t heard anything about Avril Lavigne coming down with a case of Down Syndrome, but these pictures make me wonder. Anyway, she and her pink beanie can go back to the land where musicians die when no one cares about them anymore. Not a big fan here. ... [Full Story]

Avril Lavigne is Too Slutty for Malaysia

According to OK!, Avril Lavigne\'s tour date on August 29th in Malaysia is in jeopardy because she\'s a whore. \"It is considered too sexy for us,\" explains Kamarulzaman Mohamed, a representative of the country\'s Pan-Malaysian Islamic party. \"It\'s not good for viewers in Malaysia... We don\'t want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists ... [Full Story]

Is Avril Lavigne's Tour Cursed?

Could Avril Lavigne's world tour be cursed!? Several events have recently caused the punk rocker to cancel a number of shows across the globe! OK! Magazine reports: Is Avril Lavigne’s Best Damn Tour cursed? Before the Complicated singer hit the road earlier this year, she had never had to cancel a single show. But now the 23-year-old has axed nine in less than two months! ... [Full Story]

Avril Lavigne in a Bikini? Really?

I've said it once and I'll say it again... Avril Lavigne is way cuter than you might think! There's a certain breed of woman who can be a punk rocker chick on a daily basis and still have the ability to clean up, throw on a pink bikini, and have a few frozen drinks in the pool... and, let me tell you, Avril is one of the few women of that breed. Now, I must admit, rocker chicks aren't really my ... [Full Story]

Petra Nemcova and Avril Lavigne Are an Odd Mix

It's an interesting feeling to see the combination of Avril Lavigne and Petra Nemcova in these pictures. You know, normally, I don't think to myself... hey, you know what goes good with a pure beauty Czechoslovak... a nice, pale, Canadian punk-rocker chick. But, you know what, despite the unusual nature of this combination, I don't really mind it. In a way, they're kind of like sweet and sour ... [Full Story]

Avril Lavigne's Halloween Costume Freaks Me Out

These Avril Lavigne Halloween costume pictures confuse me on many different levels. First of all, I'm uncertain about whether or not this is a Halloween costume or if it is just another crazy dress that Avril would wear on a random Tuesday, just because she thinks it looks good. However, she is at some sort of Halloween party that took place over the weekend looking like a French Maid that got ... [Full Story]

Avril Lavigne Is One Hot Spicy Salmon Roll

When I first heard Avril tell me "Hey! Hey! You, you! I don't like your girlfriend!" I was bit angry with her. I thought to myself... you know, Jenn's been a bit irritable lately, but overall she's been a good little ho. But, after seeing these pics of Avril from the September '07 issue of the Japanese version of InRock magazine, I'm find myself thinking: Avril's right, I'm trading my old ... [Full Story]

Show Them Some Light, Avril!

Avril Lavigne's breasts are the best kept secret in punk rock, but it looks like her cleavage finally told on her. I never thought I would ever say this, but these recent candids of Avril in LA make me want to be her newest "sk8er boi." So, ignore the pale skin, forget the weirdo pink hair streaks, and enjoy the nice little pair of twins on her stick-figure frame. Today is a good ... [Full Story]