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Bar Refaeli is Good at Twitter.

I\'m sick of people using social media to broadcast their opinions about politics, civil rights, the Olympics and whatever else they feel they need to be so passionate about. You want to know a good use of social media? Posting naughty pictures of yourself (as long as you\'re a beautiful woman). Take Bar Refaeli for example. Her Twitter is full of her own sexy pictures. That is how the internet ... [Full Story]

Bar Refaeli Was on Italian Television.

Oh Bar, I like you so much better when you\'re not on foreign television shows and you\'re wearing less clothes. I\'ll take it, though, because you\'re looking a little frantic and over-zealous (I guess that\'s what Europeans like). So I\'ll just hope you were on something deliciously illegal and made poor choices about which men you slept with for the rest of the day. Xoxo ... [Full Story]

Bar Refaeli Frolicked Around Italy

What a hard life a supermodel has. Not only do they have to be really, really, really ridiculously good looking... but they also need to spend their summer in awful places like Italy. How completely dreadful that must be. See, Bar Refaeli here... poor thing, just being all sexy in a bikini? Sigh, I feel for her. I really do. ... [Full Story]

Bar Refaeli Can\'t Handle a Break Up

It\'s too bad that Bar is single... I mean look at how homely she is... just how ugly. Who is going to love her now? (Oh yeah, anyone.) Leonardo DiCaprio was so right to break up with her ugly face. She has even been driven to desperate measures: Bar has been making a concerted effort to make DiCaprio jealous this week at the Cannes Film Festival. Wednesday evening, (she) hammed it up for ... [Full Story]

Bar Refaeli - Always Sexy

Bar Refaeli, I may never know how to spell your name on my first try, but that doesn\'t mean I don\'t worship you. (Because I most definitely do.) Thank you so much for dressing up like a sexy nerd for your job. I will always appreciate it. Always. ... [Full Story]

A Drunk Bar is a Happy Bar

The day that the Internet was invented was, in hindsight, the happiest day of humanity\'s life. Why? Because now the world can see pictures of Bar Refaeli looking like a tipsy hot mess. And now we can pretend that we were there, too, fist pumping and doing shots with the Hollywood elite. Sadly, I wasn\'t there, stumbling into the cab with Bar. I was at home, watching the 6th season of ... [Full Story]

Bar is Friends With Her Bra

In order to make up for all of the evil and bad things in the world, Bar Refaeli should break up with Leo DiCaprio and wear dirty, dirty lingerie every day. It\'s only fair. (I hope you\'re listening God. Some divine influence might help de-lousing Bar after her time with DiCaprio.) This Passionata lingerie line looks mighty sexy, so you might want to buy your whore some so you can actually ... [Full Story]

Bar Has a Cute Bottom

Sometimes I forget about how amazingly perfect Bar Refaeli is, when sluts like Heidi Montag and Kristin Cavallari are galavanting around Los Angeles with their long legs and big breasts. Bar, in the spirit of generosity and kindness, turned around for photogs at a recent even she attended. Just so that we could catch a glimpse of the heavenly ham hidden in her dress. A girl like that you ... [Full Story]

Bar Refaeli Does Mexico

Sex goddess of perfection, Bar Refaeli, was in Mexico this week on vacation. It\'s good to know that she can break the tedium of wearing bikinis every day to go down to a tropical spot and... wear a bikini. Bar Refaeli\'s net worth must be increasing if she can just flutter off to Mexico on holiday. What is she celebrating, President\'s day? A non-leap year? I don\'t mean to sound ... [Full Story]

A Bar Refaeli Tribute for Your Viewing Pleasure

Bar Refaeli is interesting because she\'s an Israeli and she\'s dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Okay, I guess it\'s not that interesting, but she\'s hot enough to get her picture taken every few days for a big, fat paycheck. To see what I mean, check these out. Click the thumbnails and enjoy them in high resolution. ... [Full Story]

Bar Refaeli Is So Hot in These Sexy Bikini Photos!

Supermodel Bar Refaeli is smokin' hot and gorgeous all at once in these sexy bikini pictures! There's really nothing hotter in this world than seeing someone of Bar Refaeli's hotness showing some skin while enjoying some sun on the beach! And, you know what, I enjoy watching Bar being hot and these sexy bikini photos just make me so happy! But they make mad knowing that Leonardo DiCaprio has her ... [Full Story]

Bar Refaeli Is One Gorgeous Model on a Yacht!

If you didn't already know that Bar Refaeli is one of the most beautiful women in the world, well then check her out in this photocall on a yacht in Cannes this past weekend. Bar looks absolutely stunning as she takes multiple poses in a little blue dress. Seriously, I can't believe Leonardo DiCaprio gets to be with such a hot babe! Then again, I guess your entitled to chicks of that level of ... [Full Story]