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Blue Ivy is Going to Be Well Adjusted

I can tell just by what Auntie Kelly Rowland bought Blue Ivy that this little girl is going to grow up well adjusted and not a freak of nature (just kidding, she totally will). Kelly Rowland went shopping for a gift for Beyonce and Jay-Z\'s baby girl Blue Ivy Carter in NYC. She hit up the Lucky Wang (seriously?) baby boutique and picked up a green Bob Marley onesie. I have nothing against ... [Full Story]

... And Now Blue Ivy is a Thing

Thank God celebrities haven\'t stopped naming their children ridiculous things. (Because how else could I make fun of a newborn?) Beyonce (a.k.a., her surrogate) gave birth to a baby girl named Blue Ivy Carter in New York City on Saturday. The Internet couldn\'t shut up about \"Blue Ivy\" on Sunday... and since I am generally a very lazy person, I just assumed that it was a new form of chemical ... [Full Story]

You Are Not Fooling Anyone

Months ago, Beyonce made headlines by announcing she was pregnant. A the time she was supposed to be 3 months pregnant, but she didn\'t look it. WELL. According to AOL, at the time she was 5 months pregnant. Her pregnancy is complete bullsh*t. (And don\'t get me started on her folding, inflated stomach.) It\'s not that I CARE. I just don\'t like that she thinks we are complete ... [Full Story]

Even More Proof That Beyonce is Faking Her Pregnancy

... yep. This just about confirms that Beyonce is a strange, lying ho-bag. She was wearing a shirt out the other day that you could kind of see through with enough flash... and it\'s apparent that she is wearing some kind of strapped pad around her middle. I.e., she is wearing a fake, pregnant belly that folds in when she sits down and doesn\'t grow at the appropriate rate. Why? Who cares. She is ... [Full Story]

Beyonce Might Have a Fake Baby Bump

Beyonce might be pretending to be pregnant. And yes, this rumor going to seem convoluted. First of all, when she was with Jay Z in Croatia a month or two ago, she was seen sporting a REAL baby bump while wearing a bikini. (It could be that she just ate a huge burrito that day, though. It\'s very possible.) Then, over this past weekend, Beyonce appeared on an Australian TV show called ... [Full Story]

Jay Z Was Hiding a Secret Love Child

Surpriiiiiise! Jay Z has a secret child with a Trinidadian model. And it has been proven with a paternity test. Beyonce wasn\'t happy. And neither was I, I thought Jay Z was a white black guy. You know, without children on the side and an addiction to hard drugs. \"...while Beyonce was initially livid about the secret son, she\'s stood by her husband. The boy closely resembles Jay, who\'s ... [Full Story]

Beyonce Was Impregnated 3 Months Ago

Beyonce announced at the Video Music Awards the other night that she is pregnant. I can only assume that Jay Z knocked her up. I haven\'t written any boring articles about those two splitting up or being in the least bit separated. So um, yay. Famous people being pregnant. ... [Full Story]

Beyonce Has Still Got a Rockin\' Body

Two things will never change. Blood will always be red and I will always want to put Beyonce\'s boobs in my mouth. It\'s like my racist uncle always says, \"the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.\" He might be right, I\'m not sure. I only sleep with Peruviang irls. Anyway, if you ever doubled the magnifience of Beyonce\'s breasts, you\'ll want to see these. ... [Full Story]

Beyonce Stops Drinking Booze, Must Be Pregnant!

Recently Beyonce was caught at an after-party and while she usually boozes with all the celebrity booze-hounds, she just stood around and drank water, further fueling pregnancy rumors! The New York Post's Page Six says: FUELING rumors that her wedding to Jay-Z was a shotgun-style marriage, Beyoncé has been steering clear of the sauce. The hip-hop queen, who often enjoys a flute of champagne ... [Full Story]

Is Beyonce Putting on Pregnancy Weight?

Many rumors are going around that since Beyonce married Jay-Z, she's been putting on some pregnancy weight! However, Beyonce's rep refuses to confirm any such rumors! Specifically, OK! Magazine says: According to a report in the NY Post's Page Six column, sources are saying that Beyoncé has "gained a lot of pregnancy weight," adding that this is different from when the singer has put on the ... [Full Story]

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Marriage Is OFFICIAL!

So Jay-Z and Beyonce's marriage is officially... umm... official. Yea, that was put a little awkwardly... my apologies! But it's true, they're officially married! No question about it! Specifically, Us Magazine reports: Put any doubts to rest: Beyoncé and Jay-Z are definitely husband and wife. Their signed marriage license was filed last Friday in Scarsdale, New York, has ... [Full Story]

Beyonce and Jay-Z Get a Marriage License!

An eyewitness says that Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted getting a marriage license together yesterday morning! Could this finally be it!? A Jay-Z and Beyonce marriage!? People Magazine says: Beyoncé and Jay-Z arrived at Scarsdale Village Hall shortly after it opened at 9 a.m on Tuesday to get their marriage license. "It was just the two of them," an eyewitness tells PEOPLE. "They were very ... [Full Story]