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Islamic Conservatives Don\'t Really Like Beyonce

Someone pull Kanye West out of whichever crackhouse he fell asleep in last night and let him know Beyonce is getting dissed again. She\'s set to perform in Egypt, but certain groups aren\'t too happy about that according to AP: As Egypt gears for pop diva Beyonce Knowles\' first performance in North Africa, Islamic conservatives are branding her show an \"insolent sex party\" that threatens ... [Full Story]

Beyonce Finally Speaks Out About Kanye West

After Kanye West charged the stage a couple of weeks ago during Taylor Swift\'s acceptance speech for best music video and proceeded to turn any doubters into believers that he is, in fact, retarded, Beyonce didn\'t say much about it. But now People has gotten her reaction: \"Well, I knew his intentions, and I knew he was standing up for art; and he told me before, when they said the ... [Full Story]

Abercombie Sues Beyonce

Just a couple of days after Beyonce was hailed the classiest woman on Earth for giving Taylor Swift time on stage after Kanye West\'s mentally retarded appearance, she\'s being sued by clothing label, Abercrombie and Fitch. The Associated Press reports: Abercrombie & Fitch Co. has sued singer Beyonce Knowles, saying her plan for a fragrance named after her alter ego Sasha Fierce violates the ... [Full Story]

Rip Off or Who Cares?

I don\'t listen to Beyonce or Kelly Clarkson or any other music for that matter since the RIAA sued my dead grandma for downloading heavy metal music, but if I did, this might be an interesting story. Sources say: Kelly Clarkson is singing the blues over her latest single \"Already Gone\" because it sounds too similar to Beyonce\'s hit \"Halo.\" In a weekend interview with Canada\'s CBC ... [Full Story]

This Movie Should be Good

I had my doubts about Beyonce Knowles in a starring role, but this movie should be pretty awesome. It\'s called Obsessed and, judging from the previews, she and Ali Larter are gonna throw down and hopefully have a lesbian scene as well. That last part is probably wishful thinking. Here\'s Beyonce at the premiere of the movie. ... [Full Story]

Hey, Nice Suspenders

Either suspenders came back and no one told me or Beyonce Knowles is trying to be the first half-black female farmer. She looks great of course, but with those bangs and sunglasses, I can\'t help but see the Kim Kardashian look in her. Let\'s hope that means a sex tape is next. Anyway, this is Beyonce with Jay-Z in New York at some Rocawear mobile store. ... [Full Story]

Beyonce Went Jet Skiing in the Caribbean

On a side note, it took me like 4 minutes just to write the boring headline above. Is there one or two i\'s in skiing? How many r\'s in Caribbean? Are there two b\'s as well? It took so much energy out of me that I\'m not even gonna write about the pictures below, so either check them out or don\'t. I don\'t care. ... [Full Story]

Beyonce\'s Armpits are Gross

Even if you take away the fact that Beyonce Knowles\' armpits look like a diseased, deformed vagina in some of these images, there\'s really no excuse for them being so hairy. How long would it take, in her extensive make-up routine, to take a razor to all that bush? She could probably even use a pair of scissors they\'re so long. The good news is, once you get over the creepiness, you start to ... [Full Story]

Beyonce Took a Swim

While my testicles are nearly freezing off here in the midwest, Beyonce Knowles decided to take a swim in sunny Miami. There\'s not a whole lot else to say about that. She swam around and stuff. It\'s cool, as usual, to note the trees in the way of some of these images, meaning a photog obviously did some awesome ninja work to make these happen. If the U.S. government sent 3 Hollywood paps ... [Full Story]

Kanye and Beyonce Play Connect 4 for the New Year!

Kanye West celebrated the New Year by playing a game of Connect 4 with Beyoncé. Seriously. You can't make that stuff up. People Magazine reports: How did Kanye West bring in the new Year Year? Not with fireworks or champagne. West welcomed 2008 while getting whooped by Beyoncé Knowles at Connect Four. The rapper, who's up for eight Grammys next month, said he took up the '70s family game in ... [Full Story]

Beyonce Was Bey-UTIFUL at the American Music Awards

Beyonce filled out her dress nicely at the 2007 American Music Awards last night. See, I could now go on about the whole "Beyonce looks so naturally beautiful" and she's "so much better than those girls who starve themselves..." which is true, but I think that takes away from the true beauty of Beyonce. She's in a category all on her own. She truly is a woman... natural, pure, and healthy. The ... [Full Story]

Beyonce's Librarian Pants Are Hot

First of all, I would just like to say that it is great to see Beyonce back up and walking tall once again. TMZ thinks that these recent pictures of Beyonce's "librarian slacks" taken on Monday are no good. Specifically, they say: "the high-waisted camel toe look will nevah ... evah, evah, be on this fall's fashion list! Except for cafeteria ladies, crossing guards and meter maids!" ... [Full Story]