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Blake Lively is a Hard Working Gal.

No one works the corner harder than Blake Lively... and when I say \"corner,\" I mean the CW hit \"Gossip Girl.\" If you haven\'t watched it, let me summarize it for you: it\'s about a bunch of overly attractive, rich 20-somethings living in New York City and boning each other. And as awesome as that sounds, I warn you, it\'s 110% unwatchable. ... [Full Story]

Scarlett is Going to Be SO Jealous

I am honestly not sure who I am more envious of - Ryan Reynolds or Blake Lively. And it\'s not that I\'m gay, I\'m just in love with Ryan Reynolds. The two were seen at a bed and breakfast in Utah (?) around Thanksgiving... they were cuddling, wearing puffy jackets, and probably having attractive-people-sex. Ah. The holidays. ... [Full Story]

Scarlett Johansson Might be Jealous

It\'s strange to me that incredibly sexy women can get jealous. Someone like Scarlett Johansson has everything: a successful acting career, an incredible body and is with a great guy.... PSYCHE! She isn\'t with Ryan Reynolds. You know. Because she is a #*@&. And now she is all bitter about it. A source tells Us Weekly that Scarlett is fuming that her ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds, has moved on ... [Full Story]

Blake Lively Might Be Hooking Up With Ryan Reynolds. For Real This Time.

When Blake Lively was filming \"Green Lantern\" with Ryan Reynolds, there were rumors flying around that the two were hooking up. Well, it seems that those were false, since at the time Ryan was still married and he was busy coping with the fact that Scarlett Johansson was lusting after Sean Penn. However, now it looks like they\'re bumping uglies for realsies. As we told you earlier this ... [Full Story]

Blake Lively is Officially Single (Again)

Once again, Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are no longer dating each other. If course, I\'m just a blogger who eats ham flavored chips all day. I don\'t know them personally. Maybe they just haven\'t been seen together in public for a couple of weeks and the Internet is just jumping to conclusions. Honestly, I don\'t care either way. ... [Full Story]

Blake Lively - Making Teens Happy Everywhere

And when I say teens, I mean teenage boys. For teenage girls, Blake Lively does nothing but remind them of a beauty and happiness that they will never attain. But hey, kudos to Blake Lively for showing up at the Teen Choice Awards and taking the awkward attention away from Cameron Diaz. Because, seriously, why the hell was she there? ... [Full Story]

Blake & Leonardo: Still Nerds. Still Dating.

I know that Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively are successful, hot celebrities that are sleeping with each other... by my God, they seem like nerds. It might be the matching bikes. It might be the fact that they are riding bikes through the city with what appears to be a \"I\'m trying to be casual\" body guard. ... ok, I guess the point is that they are still dating. Enjoy the picture of Blake ... [Full Story]

Blake Lively\'s Legs Go On Forever

Sometimes I forget just how gorgeous Blake Lively and her long, long legs are. She might just be the epitome of sexiness. Her being so amazing is the only reason why I will forgive her for being on that awful, awful show \"Gossip Girl.\" ... [Full Story]

It Seems They Are Dating

In case you were wondering (which the majority of you probably weren\'t)... Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio seem to be dating. But, maybe I am misreading the whole \"vacationing in Venice while holding hands\" thing. I do that sometimes. ... [Full Story]

Blake Live Was Naked. Also, In Venice.

There are rumors that Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are dating... and they are probably right, since they go everywhere together and were recently seen in Venice, Italy, looking extremely confused on a boat. Now, don\'t think this is some big-time romantic getaway. They\'re celebrities. They could go to foreign, romantic countries on a whim if they wanted to. This is our equivalent of taking ... [Full Story]

Blake Lively\'s Leaked Nude Photos

Holy cheese burrito I hope it\'s true that some life-less hacker somehow obtained nude photos of Blake Lively and posted them all over the internet. The hacker, once challenged, even uploaded more Blake photos once people started to say that they were photoshopped - he even posted this response: \"Oh, yes, Blake\'s rep. These are totally fake. We really, really believe you. Want moar? BTW ... [Full Story]

Andy Samberg and Lonely Island Strike Again

What do Andy Samberg, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Lonely Island and Akon have in common? \"I Just Had Sex!\" The SNL crew created yet another stunning masterpiece of an awesome song about something ludicrous... like Andy Samberg actually being able to have sex with Blake Lively. ... [Full Story]