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Britney Spears Might Have Gotten Dumped

Britney Spears her fiance Jason Trawick were supposed to be married... but still aren\'t. Something seems fishy, especially since Brit is still crazytown bananapants. \"It\'s a make or break holiday for Britney and Jason,\" a source close to the Toxic singer told Radar. \"Things have been getting worse and worse with their relationship for several months now, and they know they have to ... [Full Story]

Britney Spears Sings. No, Seriously.

Her voice might be nervous and choppy in this video, but good God that\'s actually Britney Spear\'s VOICE! It\'s strange to hear her sing after all of the head-shaving, frappuccino-chugging craziness she has been going through over the past 10 years... but it\'s sweet to know that she is still human, deep down inside. And loves making people feel awkward by singing Happy Birthday, like everyone ... [Full Story]

Britney Spears\'s Crazy Cleavage Made an Appearance.

Britney Spears has been out and about recently because of X Factor. Although she doesn\'t seem remotely stable, her cleavage seems absolutely wonderful. That Prozac must be doing wonders for her mammary glands. ... [Full Story]

Britney Spears is Still Crazy. Looks Good, Though.

Although Britney Spears didn\'t do anything crazy at the X Factor auditions that she attended, she didn\'t have to. Her many examples of Crazy Face were enough to let us know that she is still severely unbalanced. On the bright side? Her (crazy) body is pretty tight nowadays. Good think Jason Trawick has enough sense to let Britney spend money on plastic surgery. ... [Full Story]

CrazyPants Spears is Going to Be An X Factor Judge.

Get ready Americans-who-watch-X-Factor, because E! is claiming that you will soon see Britney Spears sitting alongside Simon Cowell and LA Reid on \"X Factor.\" And she is going to be paid $15,000,000 a season. And we\'re pretty sure that Jason Trawick (her agent and conservator) set this up. (Because Britney is incapable of forming thoughts on her own... which you can tell just by looking at her ... [Full Story]

Britney Spears Is Not Allowed to Control Her Own Money. Still.

Instead of ending his conservatorship as a wedding gift to Britney Spears, her dad transferred it to her fiance Jason Trawick. Which means that he now owns her (or at least legal control over Britney\'s well being and assets): Jamie Spears is asking a court to add Jason Trawick as a co-conservator over his pop star daughter, a source confirms to PEOPLE. Trawick will only have shared legal ... [Full Story]

Once Married, Britney Spears Will Have Access to All of Her Money.

Jason Trawick is going to make Britney Spears one happy lady... and what I mean by that is her father is going to give her all of the money she made once she marries Jason. Her father Jamie has been conservator of her affairs since her life spiraled out of control in 2007. But as a special gift to mark her upcoming wedding to fiance Jason Trawick, Britney\'s father is asking a judge to ... [Full Story]

Britney Spears Danced on Pauly D

How is that Britney Spears knows EXACTLY how to gross me out? She took two awful things, Pauly D and herself, and combined them in a pseudo-sexual event onstage. Pauly D is the opening act for her right now (as a DJ) ... so last night in Puerto Rico she brought him on stage and showed him a little ... appreciation, I guess? That\'s what you get when you buy tickets to a show that involves a ... [Full Story]

Britney Spears is Engaged to her Ex-Manager

This was guaranteed to happen; Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have been dating for a few years. And even though Britney is certifiably insane, she is still like other women regarding marriage: they will hen peck you into proposing if you have been together for more than 2 years. The happy (?) couple got engaged over the weekend in Las Vegas, during his 40th birthday party at Planet Hollywood ... [Full Story]

Britney Spears May Soon Be Engaged

Britney Spears has convinced Jason Trawick to date her for over two years now... and according to the Girl Timeline (whether they are crazy or sane), it\'s about time for her to be engaged. Lucky Jason. (Trawick) has been doing some serious ring shopping and he is close to plopping down a massive amount of cash on her engagement ring, a source tells Radar. \"He has been everywhere from ... [Full Story]

Britney Spears Got Into the Ice Cream Again

Britney Spears began the UK portion of her Femme Fatale tour at the O2 arena in London last night... and she went against the wishes of both the public and her manager and decided to slap on clown makeup and wear a bikini top. Honestly though, she might have been on a wicked awesome sugar high, so who can blame her for the bad judgment? (Me.) ... [Full Story]

London Police Don\'t Want Britney Spears to Film Her Music Video

Sure, we can mask this as the London police mistaking Britney Spears as a bank robber - but let\'s face the music here: they just didn\'t want to face her music. Therefore, all of those bobbies chip, chip, cheerio\'d right over to her set and asked to her stop wielding weaponry (a.k.a., please stop filming this piece of poop). Spears, who filmed her armed robbery-themed video for ... [Full Story]