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Brooke Hogan\'s Only Talent

Brooke\'s dad knew what worked for him: a banana, a red shirt that wasn\'t very well made and a sweet chopper mustache. He knew it, and he worked it. She is doing the exact same thing, only with a red bikini (that probably isn\'t very well made). Like father, like (a little too manly) daughter. ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan Got Skills

Am I the only one who think if Cameron Diaz took a shot of testosterone, she would be Brooke Hogan? Probably, but oh well. Here\'s Brooke trying to do some crazy pool dancing. She needs to leave tha to the ladies. ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan Shops for Things and Stuff

Don\'t look now, but a giant man with long blonde hair and breasts was photographed walking around town, shopping. Of course it\'s Brooke Hogan, the daughter in the most dysfunctional family in America. She\'s, by far, the most normal one of the Hogans, which pretty much sums it up. ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan is the Hulkster with Breasts

I don\'t care about Brooke Hogan. Mostly because she looks like Cameron Diaz and Hulk Hogan, both of which are equally hideous. Also, if you\'ve ever seen Brooke beside a normal human, she\'s at least 2 feet taller. She\'s basically Cameron Diaz after Dr. Frankenstein tried some experiments and they didn\'t work except for big tits as a side effect. That\'s what Brooke Hogan is. ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures Are Actually Hot!

I never thought I'd say this, but I saw some brand new pictures of Brooke Hogan in a bikini and she looked really hot! Some of the hot bikini photos actually show Brooke being hot and climbing on trees and swinging around on them. And, in another set of recent bikini photos, you can enjoy Brooke doing a little rubbing and showing off her booty by the pool in Miami. Very nice! Go ahead, take a ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan Considering Playboy?

The New York Daily News is reporting that Playboy has contacted Brooke Hogan about doing a spread. According to Wikipedia, this will be part of Playboy’s November “We Hate Our Readers” issue. Details… Brooke Hogan has been approached to pose nude for the famous men's magazine, her publicist told the Daily News on Wednesday. And she didn't say no. The 'Brooke Hogan Knows Best' star, 20 ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan Sexy Photoshoot

Brooke Hogan has just done a sexy portrait photoshoot and I have to admit these hot pictures are damn sexy! There's nothing quite like a hot blonde chick in a sexy little bikini getting all wet and sandy on the beach! Honestly, it's a beautiful thing to look at. So, I strongly suggest you take a moment out of your day and enjoy these sexy Brooke Hogan sexy photos! Go ahead, enjoy what I've done ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan Thinks It's OK for Hulk to Rub Her Behind!

Back in April, there was some controversy surrounding pictures of Hulk Hogan applying lotion to the behind of his daughter, Brooke Hogan (shown above). Now, Brooke is saying that she sees nothing wrong with the fact that her dad likes to rub her butt! Us Magazine says: Brooke Hogan, 20, sees nothing wrong with photos showing dad Hulk, 54, applying lotion to her butt that sparked a flurry of ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan Hates That Her Mom Dates a 19-Year-Old

Brooke Hogan is completely freaked out by the fact that her mom, Linda Hogan, has a 19-year-old boyfriend! Us Magazine reports: Brooke Hogan knows her mom's new 19-year-old boyfriend, Charlie Hill, all too well. "I went to school with him," Brooke, 20, revealed to Yo! on E! on Tuesday. "He was a grade under me." Brooke's mother, Linda Bollea is 48. Brooke confessed the ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan Involved in Minor Car Crash

Brooke Hogan was involved in a minor car crash in Clearwater, Florida yesterday. Thankfully, everyone involved in the crash walked away without serious injury. Us Magazine reports: Brooke Hogan the daughter of Hulk Hogan was involved in a minor car collision in Clearwater, Florida on Sunday. The incident occurred at 4 p.m. when the singer and star of Hogan Knows Best collided with another ... [Full Story]

Hulk Hogan Likes to Rub His Daughter Down with Lotion!?

Ahh, it's a beautiful thing when a daughter and father can enjoy each other's company... just like Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan as they are basking under the hot L.A. sun together. I'm sure they spent some time chatting about life as Hulk instilled upon his young daughter much of the knowledge he has gained throughout his life experiences. Then, just as Brooke really was warming up emotionally to ... [Full Story]

Brooke Hogan Is Too Distracting for College!

Brooke Hogan is getting denied from various colleges in Florida because no school wants all those cameras on campus with her! People Magazine says: Is the Hogan Family too cool for school? In the case of 19-year-old daughter Brooke Hogan and the University of South Florida, Florida State University and the University of Central Florida, the answer is yes. Hoping to film the VH1 ... [Full Story]