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Cameron Diaz Got a Whiskey Mist!!1!!

Because I have no life goals or real success, I wish a whiskey mist was something dirtier than what it actually is. Turns out, the Whiskey Mist is just a bar in London that Cameron Diaz was seen leaving at 3am, drunk. Sigh, there were so many whiskey-soaked Cameron Diaz visuals going through my head just now... ... [Full Story]

I Dare You to Be Attracted to Cameron Diaz. I Dare You.

I\'m just going to come right out and say it: if you\'re a man and you are in any way attracted to Cameron Diaz, you are a homosexual. I\'m not joking. I am literally saying that she is a gay man litmus test. If you\'re on the fence and you\'re not quite sure which team you\'re batting for, just look at pictures of Cameron Diaz. If you think anything but \"Jesus she needs a burka.\" or \"If any ... [Full Story]


It\'s so cute how Cameron Diaz keeps forgetting that she looks like succubus\' corpse. She was recently in Madrid on the Spanish TV show \"El Hormiguero\" promoting \"Bad Teacher.\" And she did so by making disgusting faces while trying to act like something sexy. And not putrid. The woman is funny, which I like, but mainly because she is so scary. She needs to accept this as her strength. ... [Full Story]

THE UGLY! Make it Stop!

Who decided that Cameron Diaz is hot? Sure, she is kind of funny and she can be entertaining THAT way... but her sex appeal is through the floor. At the premiere of \"Bad Teacher\" the other night she literally looked like a troll who ventured out of the underworld to attend the premiere. Someone, please, stop telling her that she is hot. Then, maybe she will stop acting like a sex icon. ... [Full Story]

A-Rod and Cameron Diaz - Still Together?

Even though the rumor mill says otherwise, it seems that Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz are still together. They were recently seen together in Miami, FL. They didn\'t look particularly happy, so they might be staying together just because their names rhyme. I\'ll report back when I can confirm this. ... [Full Story]

Cameron Diaz is a WMD

Someone might want to let Cameron Diaz know that: 1. No man wants to make out with a woman who has the muscle mass of a man. 2. Her mouth is bar far too large for her face. I get it that she is now dating an athlete, but it doesn\'t mean that she has to try to look like one. ... [Full Story]

Cameron Needs to Quit Being Attractive

Cameron Diaz is really throwing me off of my game here. I\'m so used to her being such an ugly tramp with the skin of a leather handbag, I don\'t know what to do when she actually looks like a beddable girl. Should I call her? Stalk her? Just pleasure myself once and forget it ever happened? I wish I knew the reason for the sudden hotness, but I have a feeling it has to do with those short ... [Full Story]

Cameron Diaz... is Hot?

I feel a little dirty and used saying this... kind of like an underage whore who sold herself to a Catholic priest... but Cameron Diaz is hot. I\'ve never realized it before. Now that she is wearing Daisy Dukes and a tied up flannel that enhances her boobular area, I can finally see it. Not to mention she doesn\'t have her hair slicked down by her face like a wet dog, like she has ... [Full Story]

I\'m a Little Scared

I\'m already scared to death of Madonna and her tribe of rainbow children, and I run in fear of Cameron Diaz eating me everytime she opens her enormous mouth. So when Cameron Diaz decides to dress up as Madonna, it\'s something out of a horror movie. And I don\'t mean one of those cheesy ones where a cell phone goes around killing anyone who answers it. I\'m talking Carrie meets Chuckie meets ... [Full Story]

Cameron Diaz Will Hide Her Love No Longer!

Cameron Diaz is putting her relationship with Paul Sculfor (who just happens to be Jennifer Aniston's ex) out in the open! She refuses to hide her love for him any longer! OK! Magazine reports: Cameron Diaz and her new boyfriend, Paul Sculfor, are putting their relationship out there for the world to see! During a date last week to L.A.'s Getty Museum, the couple was the main attraction ... [Full Story]

Cameron Diaz Is Getting Even Closer to Jen Aniston's Ex!

Man-crazy actress Cameron Diaz is getting closer and closer to Jennifer Aniston's ex, British model Paul Sculfor! Us Magazine reports: Cameron Diaz is still hot and heavy with Jennifer Aniston's ex. On Sunday, the actress, 35, went out on a romantic dinner date in West Hollywood with Brit model Paul Sculfor (who was linked to Aniston, 39, last year). After the meal, Diaz and ... [Full Story]

Cameron Diaz Is Falling in Love!

Reports are now saying that Cameron Diaz appears to be falling in love with Jennifer Aniston's ex-boyfriend, Paul Sculfor! OK! Magazine reports: It looks like things are continuing to heat up between Cameron Diaz and Jen Aniston's ex boy-toy, Paul Sculfor. One week after their romantic dinner at Santa Monica's Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi, the pretty pair was spotted looking head over ... [Full Story]