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Carrie is Unfortunately Taken

It\'s hard for me to understand why Carrie Underwood won\'t consider dating someone that\'s better for her, instead of that hockey freak. Maybe someone who understands her lifestyle.. like.. a celebrity blog owner, perhaps. Even though she is strutting around, showing off her ring, I won\'t be discouraged. As I learned from many years as almost-rapist: when a girl says no, she doesn\'t ... [Full Story]

Has She Always Been This Hot???

More often than not, when you come upon a women\'s softball game, you\'ll find butch amateur league rejects who are trying to reclaim their glory days of high school. They\'re way too serious, way too ugly and they have third degree friction burns on the inside of their thighs. This, however, is not the case with Carrie Underwood. Judging by her Grand Ole Opry shirt, she was playing for team ... [Full Story]

Carrie is Kinda Successful

Carrie Underwood cleaned up at the 45th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards last night- what, with her cute little face and \"talent\" or whatever. She won the Entertainer Of The Year Award, which makes her THE first woman to win it twice. After her introduction to the industry with American Idol, she has continued to be a crazy success. That goes to show that it\'s not just an epic waste ... [Full Story]

Cuteness Overload

Please don\'t adjust your screen. Yes, this is that awesome. Carrie Underwood, the hottest thing to come out of American Idol since Simon Cowell\'s nasty, sweaty man-boobs, is cuddling with an adorable puppy. If your heart and pants are not affected by this, then I am serious when I say that you are not even human. Why is she holding this oh-so-adorable puppy and sort of making out with it? ... [Full Story]

Carrie Underwood is Gonna Sing the National Anthem

So it turns out Carrie Underwood is going to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this Sunday, and that\'s pretty cool because she\'s actually a good singer. Sometimes they get some bum like Puff Daddy or that Pants on the Ground guy to do it, and they butcher the hell out of it. I\'ve always wondered if the job pays, but not that it matters considering Carrie Underwood\'s net worth. I ... [Full Story]

Carrie Underwood at the Finale of American Idol

Carrie Underwood showed her flat face at yesterday\'s season finale of American Idol where, from what I heard, that gay dude who was awesome lost. Don\'t know if that\'s true though, some homeless guy claimed Jesus told him that before the show even started. I kinda believe him. ... [Full Story]

Carrie Underwood Calls Jessica Simpson a Fatty

Here\'s the quick replay: Carrie Underwood dated Tony Romo. They broke up. Tony Romo dated/is dating Jessica Simpson. Carrie said Tony still calls him. Jessica, in psycho stalker fashion, said it isn\'t true because she checks all of his phone logs and has one of those electric dog shock collars around Tony at all times and that Carrie is a slut. I might\'ve made up that last part, but here\'s ... [Full Story]

Underwood Could Be a Fat Liar Except Not the Fat Part

Carrie Underwood recently said her ex-boyfriend and NFL quarterback, Tony Romo, has been calling her. Jessica Simpson says there ain\'t no way and there ain\'t now how: Jessica Simpson insists her beau Tony Romo isn\'t calling his ex Carrie Underwood. \"I checked his call log,\" she said Wednesday in an interview with a Nashville radio station. Of Romo, Underwood tells September\'s Allure: ... [Full Story]

Carrie Underwood Says Tony Romo Still Calls Her!

Carrie Underwood recently told Us Magazine that her former love interest, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo still calls her from time to time! From Us Magazine: For a 25-year-old singer in the spotlight, Carrie Underwood has had her share of guy drama. The American Idol winner opens up in Allure's September issue about dating Dallas Cowboys player Tony Romo, Gossip Girl star Chace ... [Full Story]

Carrie Underwood Gives to the Homeless! is known for catching celebrities during embarrassing moments, but today they caught a lovely shot of my future wife Carrie Underwood giving money to a homeless woman in Beverly Hills. (You can see the picture here.) Carrie still hasnít returned my calls, answered my emails, or acknowledged the burning insignia of my name in her front lawn, so Iím not sure if giving to the ... [Full Story]

Carrie Underwood Wins Music Awards, Is Smokin' Hot

The always beautiful and classy Carrie Underwood scored one for the good girls of country music at the 2007 American Music Awards last night. And by "scored one," I mean THREE because she took home three separate awards before the night was over! OK! Magazine reports: Only a few days after reigning supreme for the second year in a row at the Country Music Awards in Nashville, it was time once ... [Full Story]

Carrie Underwood Is Hot at the Country Music Awards

Can we just take a moment and enjoy how hot Carrie Underwood is right here. There's something about a good country girl that I love. They're so wholesome and pure, and those are two things you just don't find in the world anymore. Enjoy, Carrie's hotness in a black dress at the Country Music Awards last night. Sure, the dress isn't revealing at all, she could probably show more skin if she was ... [Full Story]